Cosmic Awakening Show – Dr Simon Atkins – How To Prepare For Wave X

Host Michelle Walling interviews return guest Dr. Simon Atkins to discuss the preparation steps suggested for a massive wave of cosmic energy coming to the planet at the end of September 2015. Topics for discussion are:

  1. Health impacts from Wave X
  2. Healing techniques when suffering from health effects from Wave X
  3. Disruptions (types) from Wave X
  4. Solar magnetic changes, and the impacts this means for us
  5. Activating “gifts” to many and what this could mean
  6. CERN’s “go-wrong” potential scenarios
  7. What if governments lose with their weapon of CERN?
  8. Prepare your body, mind, and soul for Wave X
  9. Evidence of the beginning of the affects of Wave X in geological, economical, psychological, and financial areas.
We also took questions from callers as well as from the chatroom.

Simons website: https://skyaia.com/

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