12:12 Stargate Global Activation

This Monday, December 12th marks the annual Ascension opening of the cosmic stargate at the Galactic Center, located at 26 degrees Sagittarius. Every year the solar system receives an infusion of divine Light Consciousness streaming from the galactic Zero Point Field while the stargate is open until the Solstice event on December 21st .

Recognized as a powerful potential energy source, the galactic Zero Point field operates as a Universal Mind that influences how matter is formed. It is called the God Matrix, the source of genesis in our universe. Within the unifying force of the phi spiral, human DNA is coded to ‘remember’ all at Zero Point. As the conscious mind evolves towards reaching enlightenment, the Zero Point field plays a vital role influencing the future outcome of the material world.

During the Ascension process we are transcending Duality of opposites and creating a coherent state of connection and integration of our particle self and anti-particle self. The unifying principle of Zero Point assists with neutralizing all polarized forces into a harmonious state of Oneness. For the next 2 weeks take advantage of the galactic alignment with Zero Point to enhance internal unification of all aspects of your divine being. This creates a window in time for accelerated Ascension upgrades!

When we tap into the creative force of Source pulsing at Zero Point, we reach across time/space/dimensions to access the God Seed atom of pure life force. The vibrant God Matrix of Christed Light operates like a dynamic primordial soup of popping virtual particles, waiting for conscious connection. With our focused participation, we are able to directly influence the formation of the new paradigm.

As the old patriarchal paradigm gradually collapses, now is the time to disengage completely from the Time Matrix of Duality. This entails unraveling all stuck polarized programming and patterning locked in time loops from the mind/heart/body. A time loop or temporal loop involves time realities that continue to be re-experienced in a cycle of repetition.

On 12:12 and 12:21, while the Stargate is open, I will be leading two global webcasts to assist with the dismantling of all time loops of enslavement. We will work on clearing out all time loops of Duality and removing the fallen/demonic time loop from our earthly reality. If you are called to birth the New Earth, join us in the Zero Point field of unity consciousness and proclaim your intentions for a loving, harmonious Rainbow Family of Light.

We will be joining together on Monday, December 12thto step into the 12:12 Stargate Global Activations. Join other Lightworkers and Starseeds in ushering in the new earth paradigm. Register at https://newearthcentral.com/?p=14182

Lovingly, Meg

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12:12 Stargate Global Activations Webcast

Join Quantum Healer, Meg Benedicte and co-host, Manette Mays for the 12:12 Stargate Global Activations on Monday, December 12th at 12pm Pacific Time. All Activations are recorded and available for Replay at the Event URL.

Every year during December our solar system moves into alignment with the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Core, which is located at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius. This is the annual Ascension alignment that occurs between 12:12 and 12:21…it opens a Cosmic Gateway into higher dimensions. 12:12 is a universal ascension code that signifies attainment of 12thdimensional Christed Divinity. On this day the cosmic portal opens throughout the galaxy to access divine consciousness and the activation of 12 strand DNA.

Travel to the Great Central Sun and step into the Crystal Stargate with Starseeds all around the world, as Meg channels Metatron’s sacred geometry Activations. Tapping into the ancient knowledge of Zep Tepi Mystery Schools and Quantum Access™ modality, Meg will guide you through the steps to open your Portal to the Quantum Field and the Soul's Ascension Path.

Date: Monday, December 12th
Time: 12pm - 1pm Pacific Time
Registration Fee $10

CLICK TO REGISTRATION PAGE: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=14182

All shows are available for replay at the registration link. The recording is accessible within minutes upon completion of the show broadcast.

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