AMBASSiDOR EHANi: ET's and the Enlightened Future - Dr Steven Greer

A combined few segments and a short slideshow/visionary film to give all viewers an insight into the reality of ETs, star contact and where humanity is headed, working collectively to sustain peace and meditation so that heaven and earth can join in oneness and planetary healing can commence and continue into the great Age of Enlightenment.

Together as One
The Heart is Never Broken
Spirit Never Breaks
Spirit Never Dies
Spirit Is Eternal
Spirit Always Flies
Together As One
Humanity Prays,
Wishing Greater Days,
Attracting Cosmic Rainbow Rays...
Together As One
Humanity Meditates
Transmuting All Hate
Zero Field Unconditional Love Equate
Get Ready, this is something Great
Galactic Love is the souls fate
Did you see the galaxy sparkle?
Did you feel the universal twinkle?
Don’t be fooled, your never truely single
Look Up ! Watch the lightships mingle
They say there are many fish in the ocean
Not as the Many beautiful souls,
The Universe is Filled with them
Joyfully, Skillfully, Wonderfully
We Find Our Way To you
Through Spirit, Star and Prism,
Simply Sit Still and Listen
We Surround you
Orbs Glisten

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