BREAKING: Obama Just Pardoned the TRAITOR Who Leaked MILLIONS of American Military Secrets!

You know, there are a LOT of people who have done some SERIOUS leaking of US secrets. There was Snowden who revealed the NSA’s spying programs, there was Assange who tackled Clinton’s corruption, and, of course, Bradley Manning, who leaked MILLIONS of top-secret US Military files to Wikileaks while still a soldier.

What Manning did is treason without a doubt. Intentionally leaking that much shit and even compromising our troops is no laughing matter. Unless you are Obama, who just granted him/her Clemency!

In 2013 Bradley Manning, who now goes by “Chelsea Manning” after a sex transformation in Prison, was sentenced to 35 years for his time. Now he is gonna get out on May 17th after serving LESS than 6.

What does Obama get out of this deal? Well, from the looks of it, Jullian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks himself, will turn himself in for extradition in return for Manning being released.

Of course, Assange has not yet come through on that promise after Wikileaks simply tweeted,

“Thank you to everyone who campaigned for Chelsea Manning’s clemency. Your courage & determination made the impossible possible.”

So there you have it. In Obama’s America, laws apparently mean NOTHING. I’m not saying all leaks are bad, but actions NEED consequences. Share this if you think what Obama did is a huge SHAME for the US Military.

Quelle: https://libertywritersnews.com/2017/01/breaking-obama-just-pardoned-traitor-leaked-millions-american-military-secrets/
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