Icelandic government gives parliament the green light on EU referendum

Icexit? Ixit? What's the hashtag for this one?

The new incoming Icelandic government has just announced that it will give parliament a vote on whether to hold a referendum on the EU, according to Reuters.

The move comes after three parties (Reform, Bright Future and Independence) entered into a coalition giving them 32 (reform & Bright Future) of the 63 seats. 21 seats are held by the Independence party. The independence party wants to leave Europe while the other two want to remain.

More EU referendums for Europe to deal with.

Never a dull moment.

For the record, Iceland isn't in the EU but the EEA and in 2015 they voted not to go ahead with EU membership. I'm not up on my Icelandic politics so this might be related to another bid to join the EU.

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