"Robert is Our Future" - A Channeled Message from Our Future

"Is there someone who wants to connect?"

We are here Sophia, now, for your enjoyment and conversing.


Hello. We reach you now from a plane of existence beyond which you can regularly access. You would call it the 5th dimension. Not so "far" away from your awareness but enough that we are not regularly perceived. It is as if we are just beyond reach through a smoky glass perhaps.

Would you introduce yourself please.

We would, yes. We are called humanity and perhaps your future.

My personal future?

The future race of mankind as you know it now. You engage with one who is not you specifically, not Sophia. I am male and called Robert. There are others here.

Hello. What is the reason for you reaching out this way?

To give a glimpse of your new selves and new world. You are in high acceleration now and rapidly shifting. We come to you from a place quieter - where the rapid changes have occurred. That place is your soon to be home.

Thank you.

Please then go on, tell us about what it is like there. For you physically, for society, on the earth - all of it.

This is our intent, yes. We feel the time now is right - you enter into a new calendar now.

We are healthy. There are many factors that contribute. Our food serves us rather than harms. There are not corporate interests guiding what we can ingest but human ones. Much of what we eat is grown. The ground is no longer poisoned chemically and these grown foods prolong our health.

Also we have advanced (and) very different healing technology to sustain and maintain our bodies. These are not invasive, destructive methods. All of our healing systems use waves of sound and light, as well as crystals and stones of the earth, to promote stasis. These things are a part of our everyday, we do not so much require emergency physical care. All of us are sustained through energy transmissions that are part of our design in our places of work and rest and play and exchange.

We appreciate a great deal of exchange - more so and simpler than you have available now. Without the limitation of borders as you know them now, we can see and get anything from any place. The internet is more seamless and useful than you know. Holographic technology is in everything and not so much separated by what machines you have and know how to use.

Imagine going to a market and looking for papayas - you need only locate the section for fruit and what is available is there for you to see in holographic form. You select it as you would now and they materialize in your basket.

It is not that things are all done for you without effort. It is that the effort made to get these things does not involve slave labor, money or shipping. This is more a virtual existence. We are solid, yes. Our ability to move within and throughout this plane is much more enhanced than you see in your present day.

We have virtual centers for education. Our young do not leave their homes and gather for entire days as current humans do now in most places. Education is experienced as a group yet in homes. When togetherness is desired it happens - for group experiences, projects and trips and play. It is experiential, guided by age and more by desire and preference - not test scores.

Our government is unique to the region on the planet that is being governed. Things like climate and local custom color how things are done and run. There is a central government. Those in such positions are not of a specific party but do represent tendencies. All tendencies are represented. These are studied so that a balanced team of governors assures all diverse needs and desires are addressed.

There is a unified global governance of which all areas take part. The health of the planet takes precedence here. There are no wars.

Religion exists yet it is not the dogmatic corporate force present for you now. It is a question of preference, belief systems and cultures.

Money is not gone. It is used as a form of exchange. What differs is how it is accumulated. Each person within the family has access to money. The family has its own hoard of money. This money is equally distributed amongst people initially and only grows. It is seen as convenience - an exchange system. You can "sell" your work or effort or expertise in exchange for money if you desire. It is not necessary or indicative of worth or ability.

The systems of exchange are most likely a step toward no money at all. What is used as exchange has an agreed upon worth that varies by locale. There is a global currency and ways of exchange.

Our technology is further developed than yours at the current time. We have automated systems for health, cleaning, travel, even entertainment.

What differs most however is us. We look the same as 3D humans yet more uniformly vibrant, engaged, youthful, happy. If I had to find a word for the difference it may be autonomy. We have control over our days and our lives and thus feel better on a regular basis. They (our days and lives) are not without personal effort or struggle yet these aspects are supported by our environment and not attacked by it. That difference alone is huge in not only our minds but our physical selves.

Stress is only and clearly a part of life that comes from challenges we can see and comprehend and are therefore possible to figure out. This creates a calm. There is a great deal of creative expression in all arenas - housing, dress, food prep, science, music, art, story-telling, even government.

There is a sense of mutual honor here that is not relegated to you because of rank or worth but is given to everyone simply because they are alive.

Thus, in this version of humanity the playing field is wide open and equally available. We see each other as parts of one unit. This changes how all of our life is lived.

I'm losing you.

Yes. Contact is ending for now. We will speak again! Thank you for being available in this way.

You are welcome. Thank you. Goodbye now.

This conversation ended.


Love is all there I

Courtesy of Vizcaya

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