Energy Update ~ DNA Activation & Reconnection to Our Inner Earth Star Soul Dimension ~ Feb. 18, 2017

By Henda, 02/18/2017

So much have been going on last night and earlier this morning
There has been a huge activation of our lower chakras
Hope you felt it
The energy was rising from the core of Gaia to our lower Chakras
The base the sacral and the solar plexus chakra

Our heart and pineal gland have been also re activated
And may be some would have headache
But it will be gone in few hours
Some have been experiencing some trouble with the 5th chakra
It is the way we are supposed to communicate that is being enhanced
So take time to breathe and relax
The energy was very vibrational and it was spreading through the bodies
I could feel it in my two hands and it was heavy with a buzzy sound

That is the frequency of Earth bathed now in the new lights surrounding her magnetic field to help her
Violet golden blue
Zadkiel Saint Germain Metatron Sananda and Michael
Archangels and few ascended Masters are here sending their energy and divine healing to Earth and we can feel it in our bodies as it is helping us on a cellular level
We are becoming part of that energy
Deep in our DNA which has been activated again during the last hours
Let All This Be
Many Blessings to you All

My New Tree : Gate of The Elohim of the Golden Ray
A day and a night version
That gate integrates the energy that is flowing now on Earth and in our DNA
This is one of the two in a full image
The night version is below
Hope you love it

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