Star-Gates Under The Great Pyramids?

Many theories have been put forward over the years as to the purpose of the pyramid, this being A direct result of the lack of any real evidence for their function. However, What if I were to tell you that the pyramids were a sophisticated protection structure built to house a once functioning star gate transport system. A transport system or machine, that is still there. that through my extensive and hungry research into the mystery of the ancient Egyptian civilization, their structures, and why they built them. I have found substantial Egyptian writings, on highly developed knowledge of earth, the stars, life, and death.

The Aker Sphinx of the ancient Egyptians was a divine leonine beast, having two symmetrical torsos each with its own head. The two halves of the Aker were located at opposite ends of the horizon, one lying to the east and one lying to the west. According to the ancient Egyptians, each breast of the Aker contains a portal or gateway leading to what they called an Underworld. The sun was believed to pass through the eastern Aker gate at sunrise. Then at sunset, it would pass through the western Aker gate. This would mean that there is another sphinx, on another horizon to geeza.

With the use of remote controlled robots, red writings of an unknown language have been discovered within hidden tunnel systems beneath the great pyramids. These tunnels led to 4 doors, still with their seals. Interesting to note, the tunnels in which these robots traversed, are not big enough to fit a human, yet they are scrawled in an unknown writing.

These markings were found in a pyramid that the Egyptologists claim was built by Pharaoh Khufu.

Almost immediately after this discovery, Doctor Zahi Hawass (Minister of Antiquities, ordered that a wall be constructed around the pyramid complex. supposedly, to protect the pyramids, from being damaged by the public. it turns out that these tunnels may lead to the burial chamber of an Egyptian god, known as Osiris. It has also been reported by numerous sources that the U.S. military, and the CIA have been securing the pyramid complex, along with the Egyptian military.

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