Corey Goode Appears on ThirdPhaseOfMoon, Third Dr. Michael Salla Intel Update & More Geomagnetic Storms!

By Jonathan Carty

Today I woke up feeling like doing absolutely nothing. I was so tired and fatigued I knew it was going to be a ‘bare-minimum’ kind of day at work. This was going on before my juice fast so it can’t be blamed on that, in case your mind went there. Here is a video that explains it further:

We also have another video done by a researcher, who I am not a huge fan of, but does put out interesting and useful information. The video describes the huge waves of energy coming into the planet right now, which I’m sure some of you have been experiencing, I definitely have!

This intel that was given to Dr. Michael Salla via Corey and his sources was very significant because Antarctica is getting a ton of international attention. It’s like in the Hollywood movies where the gov’t recruits all these scientists and others that specialize in different fields and the entire country is put on some kind of alert, except this is more covert but approaching the public eye.

Then we have Corey appearing on UFO footage YouTube channel ‘Third Phase of Moon‘ on March 21st. In about an hour Corey goes over his story, which was actually nice to hear again, and goes into some current events that are going on behind-the-scenes. They feature some really cool photos and videos in the interview:

Remember to continue to keep your vibrations high during this time, love and healing are the bread and butter of this new reality we are creating together. Creating responsibly is key! Much love!

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