PRIME CREATOR via ALEXANDRA MEADOR – Ground Breaking Message to the World and Beyond – 3-22-17

Published on Mar 25, 2017

1) Final preparations are ongoing and being made for Humanity to Return Home – this includes “All of God’s Children!” You have once and for all been freed from all separation, a lack of anything which was a “creation of the mind and fear.” Clearly all of you have exhausted this experience to the outermost degree.

Yet, there are those amongst you who have chosen to remain in the fear, refusing to awaken and will therefore continue to experience this to its fullest expression – of a 100-fold, until you are done with this way of experiencing.

You will remain in containment until such time that you are done with this.

2) All will be sent into crystalline healing chambers on the ships. The length of time you spend inside the healing chambers directly depends on the amount of density felt and carried within your physical structure.

For example, those who are unawakened will spend the most time within the healing chambers. For most, the minimum time spent will be at least 6 months to one year.

The most enlightened souls will spend a minimum of 1 month to up to 6 months. While you may think this is a long time, it is not, for time does not exist! Think of one month’s time as 1/32nd of a second outside the contained space you are in right now. Thus, the time spent in the healing chambers is fast!

3) Once each of you have completed the first phase of the process, each of you will be evaluated to see if you are ready for final deprogramming of the mind. If not, you will continue healing until you are. Once you are ready, you will be taken to a classroom to hear the full truth of what you experienced, why that is, and how you participated in these experiences.

Based on how much clearing and inner work you have done while in Earth School, a determination will be made as to where you will be placed for your continued education and spiritual evolution.

Do not forget that All will be where they need to be!

This includes all animals and anything with a consciousness.

You must know that absolutely no one, no being with a consciousness is or will be left behind.

All is taken care of.

4) All must understand that the Earth is a living ship and was not intended to be a place of quarantine as it is now. It has become what many coin as the proverbial Hell.

Originally, it is and was a creation in my pocket, made of love. But it became merged and an amalgamation of all of the beings thoughts that created a literal “prison of the mind.”

Many have learned just how powerful the mind really is. Once a being is willing to take responsibility and ownership of what the mind thinks and creates, it is at this point that this being chooses to accept they have never been a victim to anything they have ever experienced. To experience anything, it always takes two.

So two beings or things with a consciousness have made an agreement to participate in any sort of experience.

You actually make arrangements and finalize plans for these experiences the night before you go to sleep. This is where changes can and are made by all participants…..

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