The Truth Is Out There… In Antarctica!

Strange News from Antarctica are not slowing down, I believe this place will bring us public disclosure.

Here at UIP, we have published many articles about this place, we have researched far and wide and found some incredible facts and testimonies, but… Have we covered them all?

Here are some old and new information about this place that you may not have heard about:

The Oswald Abduction:

15th October 1979. A famous concert pianist by the name of Luli Oswald, and her friend were taken aboard a UFO and given a grueling examination. The full story came out only after hypnosis sessions.

Luli Oswald, 55, said she and Fauze Mehlen, 25, were driving along the coast road near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when they saw a fleet of strange craft emerge from the ocean. When they came out of the water, it was like a mushroom with water spilling over it, she told police. Then we noticed a big black one ahead of us. It seemed to be about 300′ across with a small dome on top.

Mehlen, who was driving, lost control of the car. It began weaving crazily across the road, with the doors opening and shutting by themselves. Then, suddenly, the nightmare ended. Shaken, they stopped at a restaurant for coffee and discovered that it was two hours later than they thought.

While under hypnosis, the pianist began sobbing with terror as she continued to relive the experience.

We have entered the black disk from the bottom, The car is inside the UFO, but we are outside the car. They are putting a tube in my ear. There are tubes everywhere, they are pulling my hair.

They look like rats, oh, how horrible! They have huge, horrible rat ears and their mouths are like slits. They are touching me all over with their thin arms. There are 5 of them, their skin is grey and sticky.

Miss Oswald said she saw Mehlen lying unconscious on a table as the aliens examined him with a strange ray of light that smelt of sulfur. The rat figures communicated without speaking, but she said one of them did talk to her. He said they came from Antarctica, she recalled.

There is a tunnel that goes under the South Pole, that’s why they come out of the water. Others are extraterrestrials.

Yes, Antarctica!! She said “Tunnel” but I would think that it is more of a wormhole to a different planet or even dimension

Antarctica Evacuation

A lot of people, mainly scientists, are being evacuated from Antarctica!

The official reason is they have discovered a huge crack in the Antarctic ice shelf Larsen C, scientists say that it will soon give away, becoming one of the largest icebergs on the planet. In fact, it might be an iceberg twice the size of the smallest European country.

Experts from the UK say that the crack is now as wide as the Shard— a 95-storey skyscraper in Southwark, London, that forms part of the London Bridge Quarter development. Standing 309.6 meters (1,016 ft) high. This is apparently really bad news.

Although the evacuation is very real, something else is also real: There are a lot of military personnel being deployed there, are we about to see another Operation High Jump?

The No-Fly Zone

One would imagine that no-fly zones are attributed to war torn countries, but not in the case of Antarctica! Why on Earth would we have such a thing over there?!

Linda Moulton Howe published an exclusive interview with a new whistleblower, “Brian”, a military flight engineer who, while on duty in Antarctica, over-flew a “big hole in the ice… large enough that you could fly a C-130 [Hercules, wingspan 40 meters] into it… We were told not to fly that area.” His observations included silver discs in the area, and picking up missing research scientists who returned “looking scared…”

His high strangeness experiences flying cargo and rescue in Antarctica were in the 1983 to 1997 time period and included several observations of aerial silver discs darting around over the Transantarctic Mountains. He and his crew also saw a big hole in the ice only about five to ten miles from the geographic South Pole (pink circle on map) that was supposed to be a No Fly Zone. But during an emergency medevac situation, they entered the No Fly Zone and saw what they were not supposed to see: an alleged entrance to a human and E. T. science research base created under the ice. Then at a camp near Marie Byrd Land, some dozen scientists disappeared for two weeks and when they re-appeared, Brian’s flight crew got the assignment to pick them up. Brian says they would not talk and “their faces looked scared.”

Brian and his flight crew received several orders at different times to not talk and were sternly told that they didn’t see what they saw.

Brian:“Anyway, we were on our way over to that medevac and so we basically did a straight line. And when we got about five to ten miles from South Pole on the way to Davis Camp, we were told on the radio not to continue our straight line course, but to deviate a certain amount. Somebody mentioned, ‘Hey, there’s an air sampling system somewhere out there somewhere, you know?’

We looked down and here’s this huge, large hole in the ice, almost like a cave entrance, but it was large enough that you could fly a C-130 into it, a hole that went down. We were told not to fly that area.

U.I.P Summary:

Antarctica should be a desolated place like the Sahara desert, but it is far from being that! So many high officials have been there, a no-fly zone, abductees being taken through a wormhole under the ice, etc..

Antarctica is a an entrance used by a malevolent alien race who abduct people, and with all the commotion happening at the moment, it seems that this alien race has had some disagreement with the powers that be, and they may be about to strike.

Yaz, Mwv

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