Gerald Clark Anunnaki the Gods who Came to Earth [VIDEO]

Gerald Clark is the author of ANUNNAKI of NIBIRU… He has compiled an excellent overview of the evidence and cross correlated much of the symbolism and ancient texts to support a more wide ranging view of the role of the Anunnaki in our history.

Many historical and scriptural findings not included in the Canonical Bible, have now come to light. Access to texts such as the Lost Book of Enoch, the Nag Hamadi Gospels, and the Book of Jubilees,among others is now widely available and, when synthesized and correlated with existing documents like the Bible and Qu’ran, merits rethinking Western civilization’s origins and intent. Prepare yourself for a profound belief-challenging journey through ancient Persia, Sumer, Greece, and Atlantis; from Rome to the United States, HQ of the New Atlantis.

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