Anyone living in Wyoming will have had their fill of the dark winter skies that cover the region when a weather front moves through. However, now spring is here, and summer is following, the cloud formation types over Wyoming are changing, and some of them are unique to the region.

It is possible that some regional clouds to Wyoming may explain some of the UFO sightings in the region. Recently a photograph was posted that seemed to show a strange disc shaped object moving over the sky in Wyoming, and it looked as though it had a tail, which gave it the look of a comet. The National UFO Reporting Center State Report Index in Wyoming has stated that people had been reporting weather anomalies as being UFOs. Weather chasers with the name of Base Hunters managed to capture a video of a huge hanging ominous dark cloud, and this video immediately caused a stir in Wyoming and online as a thunderstorm developed into a supercell close to Carleton in Wyoming. Supercells are huge thunderstorms, and they are typically seen across great planes. The very brave will want to stand there and check it out, while the not so brave, or wise ones, will get out of the region as fast as possible. For storm chasers, the supercells are known to be the Holy Grail, as the supercell is the most violent of all storms often throwing down hail of the size of a baseball, extremely strong winds and often tornadoes.


Some of what seem to be clouds are not clouds at all. Virga is a weather event that occurs when smaller clouds release rain before it has been built up into a thunderstorm. Virga is seen when there are long wisps of mist that is bending, coming out of the bottom of the cloud and heading to the ground, but it doesn’t make it. It is often seen in deserts when the temperatures are high, and the humidity is low, causing rain to evaporate just after it is released from the clouds. It is also seen at high altitudes, and the name comes from Latin and means branch or twig.

Storm chasers are getting ready for the typical Wyoming summer as they keep an eye on the sky for Virga and the massive supercell thunderstorms.

REGIONAL CLOUDS MAY BE BEHIND UFO SIGHTINGS IN WYOMING READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/news/strange_ufolike_clouds_make_a_return_to_wyoming/138551
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