Aug Tellez: Transcended Being, Biological Perception and Non-Duality

I'm just going to release this video, I have no idea what's gone on with the audio. I'm assuming it was the fan however this hasn't happened before and I wasn't touching the mic. I can make a more cleaned version if people request.

I'll use the sock next time so there will be no wind or vibration effects, again, I apologize and have no idea what caused such interference on the last two videos. Go ahead and leave a comment if you would wait for the cleaned version.

This talk is about non-duality and polarity consciousness. Polarity consciousness enables a contrast based perceptual system (binary senses) to perceive an inherently non-dual, full-spectrum reality. The polarized version is actually generated by the perception of the observer whereas the original, unaltered reality is not one or the other perception but both simultaneously.

Achieving the non-dual perspective is key to realizing one's true self as an essence beyond the boundaries of a given linear string of perceptions generated through biological consciousness.

The self that is conceptualized through perception is actually at the most only one half of the true self where the other half is invisible or on the other side of the perceptual boundaries. This half must be realized without seeing directly through the perceptual system or the senses and this is a form of 'sensate' beyond sensation.

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