Fear is a Choice, Nothing More

By Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone,

I created the YouTube clip below to share with you insight into the chaotic times we are in and our opportunity to entertain the concept of fear or not. Fear is a wonky scenario that disguises itself as worry, concern, victimhood, the list goes on. But it also is a quick energy drain and pulls our vibration down. When our vibration is down we don’t expand or elevate our lives. Fear is on the third dimensional scale of duality and separation.

But here is the secret. Fear is a choice.

Now, I’m not saying in the moment of something traumatic that it isn’t normal to feel fear but we always have the option to see things from a wider perspective. When you can gain a wider perspective it’s like turning the lights on in a room where you perceived the boogy man to be! Voila! Nothing there. WE bring the light by focusing on love and joy and being more of an observer than a participant.

We create our experiences in all forms. Focus on fear, it grows. Focus on calm, it grows. Simple. I created this little clip with some fear-stopping suggestions. I hope you enjoy, share and consider deleting fear from your experience.

Much Love,



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