Update from Linda Moulton Howe on the most recent Majestic 12 documents.

Published on Jul 22, 2017

Update from Linda Moulton Howe on the most recent Majestic 12 documents.

Fraud Leak Update 06/29/2017 – Professional Government Analysts Say Alleged DIA Document “Is Not Real”

“The word ‘classified’ on the very first page means nothing to any military guide. There’s no such classification as ‘classified.’ That is really sort of a giveaway that the person has no idea what they’re talking about.”

– Peter Capwell Thomas, retired U. S. Navy NT 5, acoustic and operations analyst for 26 years, Waterford, Virginia

On June 16, 2017, Linda Moulton Howe received an email from Peter Capwell Thomas, 61, from Waterford, Virginia. He was a U. S. Navy NT 5 acoustic and operations analyst who retired October 2012, after a 26-year career for the Navy. Every day he had to research the Navy’s Classification Guidelines book, which was itself classified. Peter had to properly process subjects related to robotics, underwater technologies, and other evolving advanced technologies and had to reference how those subjects needed to be used as Classified, Secret and Top Secret documents. Because of unofficial conversations about UFOs and E. T.s, he has done a lot of research about the phenomenon.

“There are extensive manuals on exactly how to treat materials. These manuals tell you how to mark all classified materials. There is no wiggle room. These are military organizations. So when we look at the very first page of this, we see the very first page is a mess. And it’s hard to know even where to start.


OK. So the very first rule is that any document is marked top and bottom with the highest classification of any of the material that is in that document. Do you see that logo, The Defense Intelligence Agency? That should say, “Top-Secret.” And those letters must be the biggest letters on the page.

It must go at top and bottom. Also, on that front page should be a control number because certainly every top-secret document is what they call controlled. That is when it is issued, a physical copy is made, a number is put on it. [ There is no front page control number.]

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