Voice-Guided Video to the Event (3 Parts) 432Hz

Here is a video I was asked to create by the Prepare for Change team. It is a summary of Cobra's intel and information. Cobra has approved of the content contained in this video.
I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I did making it!

Love and light!

It is split into three parts:

Part I - Galactic Origins 01:00 - 06:26
Part II - Progress So Far 06:26 - 12:31
Part III - The Event 12:31 - 20:04

To view the script in its entirety please click the link below:


For a written summary of this information please check out the links below:


The majority of the information contained in this video was sourced from Cobra's blog:


The video concept was the idea of Danell from the Prepare For Change team.
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