The Eye: What It Is, What It Will Do… Soon

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Pardon the language; I know “soon” is our most hated four-letter word. I’m just the messenger. This time we have a date; a short window, if you will. I’m just the messenger.

Many sources have informed us that a cosmic event is enroute that will effect great change for Humanity. There have been varying reports on the details, but overall, it seems that a sudden shift, a boost in energy/vibration/frequency is expected, as well as telepathic gifts the awakened will receive while others won’t.

A couple of sources have spoken of “the eye”, and that it is not the Event, or the major transformational cosmic blast of energy that is also expected… soon. Will it bump us into another reality. I sure as hell hope so.

Yellow Rose for Texas said her sources predicted Earth would be drawn through the eye, while this source below through their clients’ quantum healing sessions is likening the eye to a pre-event that will mean a shift or step up the staircase of ascension, and that there may be several of these due to the wormhole. Sounds like semantics to me, and basically the same concept; not to be taken literally.

I don’t recall who shared the link to this website as I just get to the tabs on my browser when I get to them, but thank you. Very interesting. Perhaps this first “eye”, which is predicted for February 24th, is at least in part what we seem to be waiting for, and why little has happened in the way of arrests and other activities that might cause a major upheaval for a sleeping society.

There appears to be a surge in the process of education going on—such as “Q”, for instance. All talk, no action, some might say. I have felt for a long time that we are just putting in time… stalling… coasting… waiting… for something in the offing that few will come out and state besides Cobra.

I think those who know are keeping a lid on things. ‘Just keep sharing information and fight the good fight. Wake up as many people as possible. Work on yourself. It will be worth it in the end, and 2018 will be glorious.’

What we’ve heard stressed is that now the most important thing to do is meditate, which is underscored in the revelations about the coming “eye”.

But enough of the preamble. By way of introduction, I share this excerpt from the website:

I feel that I need to share with you the amount of work I have to do on myself to be able to share this publicly. ​ Sharing this information is uncomfortable for me. What comes from my client’s sessions is so otherworldly and far out. My faith is being tested and I am starting to run full force into the challenge.

If this information is correct, we are about to go through some rapid changes. I think it is safe to say that everyone feels the energy rising. Synchronicity is happening more frequently. Repeating numbers are popping up everywhere. The time between desire and physical manifestation is grows shorter and shorter. The matrix is changing.

We understand. The truth is really “out there” and most of us have experienced the discomfort of sharing our Truth with others.

And with that, I will send you to the place where you can read more about “the coming eye”, with reference to the major Event Flash they suggest will come later. For those on the path, it would be a welcome boost. For those who oppose the Light, they will be left behind and at a distinct disadvantage. This would explain why the globalists have desperately been trying to mess with timelines to slow them down and procrastinate the inevitable.

There is video, but also transcripts of the videos so you don’t miss anything. Interesting stuff—and February 24th is 3 days away. It would be nice if this fickle “ball of energy” would stop coming and going and just do it. The game is getting old. ~ BP

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