3.19 - Majority of America Believes in a Deep State/Rothschild Steps Down & Zuckerberg Sells Stock

Today's Links: 

Schumann Resonance - http://bit.ly/1fkl2Fa
Poll: Majority believe 'deep state' manipulates U.S. policies - http://politi.co/2GIblQg 

D.C. lawmaker says recent snowfall caused by ‘Rothschilds controlling the climate’ - http://thebea.st/2ppM3PD 

What the eye in every conspiracy theory actually means - http://read.bi/2FLOqGG 

Trump Loses The Drug Dealer Vote: Death Penalty Will Be Part Of White House Opioid Response - http://bit.ly/2DFeywY 

Mark Zuckerberg has sold $357 million of stock this month - http://cnb.cx/2GIJfV8 

Rothschild’s chairman to hand bank’s dynastic reins to son - http://on.ft.com/2FENTTt 

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