[5.4] Q: Trip Change/NEW SEALED RECORD COUNT/Trump: "BOOM"/Dead Doctors/More Arrests Soon

Today's Links: 

NSA Changeover Ceremony - https://bit.ly/2FJ3tfi 

New Indictment Counts - https://bit.ly/2rjWYv0 

More Arrests Expected in Sex Cult Case Against 'Smallville' Actress, Prosecutor Says - https://bit.ly/2JUE6cV 

Kentucky - Judge Timothy Nolan Guilty of Human Trafficking - https://bit.ly/2JTYRpf 

Spy agency NSA triples collection of U.S. phone records: official report - https://reut.rs/2HOEHjK 

What is the dead doctors conspiracy theory? - https://bit.ly/2FLFBrb . . 

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