Fühlt jemand die Energie des Wassers in sich?

Hello everyone 

I feel all the time in my body a type of what i describe as water energy. I feel this energy or consciousness when i am feeling bad or with a bad energy or when i am feeling down. It happens to me when i am in the bus or in the classroom, etc. I feel like a balloon that it is going to blow up, i feel i'm going crazy or having a panic attack and then i feel this energy, this very light and subtle energy that feels like water, putting me calm again. I can't control the panic attacks, it's horrible but then i feel this energy like it's cleaning me. It's a big relief. Does anyone feels this type of energy? Sometimes this energy is in me or near me, it feels like a person near me, but then it is also in me. Does anyone feels something like this?

I notice this energy also relieves people around me.

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