Andrew Bartzis - Significant Recent Schumann Resonance Amp Up - May 8th 2017

Andrew Bartzis provides an esoteric scope to the nature of the Schumann Resonance.

Some brief notes:

SR is the magnetic pulse around Earth that goes out to the stratosphere and comes back in, like a toroidal breathing process

Amplified pulses means that the rate of exchange of electrons between North and South Poles are increased. The Magnetosphere is taking in highly-charged Gamma particle light waves, the "dynamo" is being charged

We also have a +ve and -ve charge (our own North and South Poles), so we can tune into this "heartbeat"

The SR is also a means of communication with Human Consciousness/auric field
Some symptoms: lack of sleep / motion sickness (because our consciousness expands and contracts in one moment / ringing in ears (body tuning in to SR or representing resistance to it / indigestion / allergies / stress

Analogy ~ plumbing system where SR = overall pressure of how fast energy moves through ley lines
Also affects how multiple timelines converge into a singular timeline

Linear time is like a single bar on the SR chart

Spikes allow multi-dimensional consciousness experiences and allows for Human Consciousness to experience global dreamtime

Sovereign beings can use this tremendous amount of energy to create Magic; we also have to ensure that our own "SR" increases (raise our frequency)

Solar System has own SR, so we're exposed to both layers of SR ~ Earth's and the Solar System's

We've entered Solar Space that's undergoing amped up density activity, and we need to increased our vibrations accordingly

Our Higher Selves are tuned to SR of Solar System

"Everything us amped up" on the Planetary, Solar System and Galactic levels
Being a resonance, SR has a tendency to amplify what's in our consciousness field; if we focus on Spirituality, that experience will be amplified, if we focus on negativity, that will be amplified
When the spikes calm down ~ greatest healings occur, rewiring, guides and guardians coming in to perform massive energy clearing and healing. This prepares us for the next spike and separation of densities

Conversely, for those not in awareness, the consciousness will not have any charge to let go of polarity. Confusion can set in as they go through energy shock as their aura expands and contracts and they don't know anything about this. This can result in them seeking the aware ones, and projecting their unconsciousness upon the latter. Infinite forgiveness and Love are in order

Andrew cautions us against trying too hard to awaken others around us; when these spikes occur, stop being an "information broker" because of the potential disappointment or energy loss that can result. Instead, go out in Nature or being with Self

When massive SR amp and X-Class Solar Flare both occur at the same time, this will be prime opportunity for Conscious Explorers to have most sacred experience; "carve your time out of time to have your no-time experiences"

These spikes enable us to detoxify ourselves out of linear time and take back our power out of the hologram and instead engage our hologram of Self.

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