The Most Important Spiritual Decision ~ Matt Kahn ~ 2 May 2017

Simply powerful. Learn and laugh....and never forget your connection with your Divinity....

"Divinity always calls on Divinity 
to fulfill the will of Divinity."

A brief summary of some topics that Matt discusses in the video:

We can't be free if our experiences are caused by others

When we feel stress, it's the Universe reminding us that we are not in alignment with our Divine Will

The most spiritual decision we need to make every moment is to choose to align with our Divine Will instead of our ego....call upon our Divinity always

Matt also reveals that there are two types of Awakening ~ the Masculine and Feminine, where the former is just "We Are One" and the latter, "We Are One at our core, but we are also different as individuals".

The ones who have adopted the Masculine version of Awakening usually carry some degree of arrogance with the belief that they don't need to call on some "higher Light" (my term) since they are already "One"

On the other hand, if we call upon the Universe (our Divinity) for assistance, we also need to do our part and not just sit and wait; we need to participate

"I call upon the Light of the Universe/my Divinityto work through me and ___________"
(fill in the blanks)

Matt also explains that we're each meant to go through our own spiritual awakening properly first, then come together with other individuals to form groups to work together in Unity Consciousness. Most of the time, such groups fall apart because the individual hadn't yet gone completed spiritual awakening to a sufficient degree ~ the group then becomes the medium through which all the individual unresolved issues surface to be addressed. We need to become fully aligned Masters first, then the Masters attract other Masters.

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