'The Ceremony Of Sacred Breath' Teaser

Breath is the bridge to consciousness, the transformation of awareness into form and motion, the medium through which we witness the daily miracle - help us fund the post production and completion of 'The Ceremony Of Sacred Breath'.

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Here you will find more Info, and beautiful original pieces of Geometry and Jewelry you can purchase to help fund the completion of this project.

As you draw breath from the 'infinite in', through the central fractal of your Human Holonom, the geometric figuration of the Iconic Terra Prana Star - the synthesis of Air and Earth - you automatically draw it in from the 'infinite out'. This catalytic confluence initiates the alchemy that gives your eyes the gift of sight, your ears to hear, your heart to feel. Each breath is the bridge to the daily miracle of life. The sacred vow between spirit and matter.

As the 'The Ceremony Of Sacred Breath' film enters the final phase of completion, there are still some elements that need to be included. A great 3D animator has joined our team just as we find we need one in order to explain a complex morphing system of geometries. Juergen unique skills are needed for composing the music, further pieces must be recorded at a rented studio and a budget to pay for the final editing, animation and effects work.

There is rarely a week that goes by when we don't hear from someone sharing their transformational experience from the free films that are already streaming through the global social mycelium. They are such a valuable source for people who will never be able to attend a Ceremony in person.

We need your help to push this film out by the end of July.


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