3.29 - OIG&FISA/New Pizzagate Instagram Pics/NXIVM/Solar Shift & UFO Sightings

Today's Links: 

Q Site - https://qanon.pub/ 

COLLUSION DELUSION: New Documents Show OBAMA Officials, FBI COORDINATED in Anti-Trump Probe - https://bit.ly/2Gi1KCC 

DOJ OIG Announces Initiation of Review - https://bit.ly/2pMl9S6 

New James Alefantis #PizzaGate Instagram Images and Comments Part 1 - Steemit Exclusive - https://bit.ly/2GGekLu 

The Sun Is Spitting Out Strange Patterns of Gamma Rays—and No One Knows Why - https://bit.ly/2J5ZTim 

Clinton-Linked Cult Leader Who Hot-Branded Women Arrested For Sex Trafficking - https://bit.ly/2GfEjKc . . 

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