Pleiades 1 Messages May 31st 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Renewal space created in local Lunar sector.

Hidden bases revealed.

Exibition in Formation 7 sighted in Bota (Philippines?).

Alchemists return to Terrano Plane!

Allies* X – “B” protocols can be reviewed. Conference required.

Tomorrowland is real. Heavenly attest.

Appropriate movements in Meridional. MiD* in appropriate withdrawal. (5).

Southern Removals still in progress. Miasmic plates being removed in advance. 12% (non-regressive).

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Receiving Minerva)

Item in Glossary:

Pleiades 1 Messages

On this page we will report the daily messages of Pleiades 1.

We’ll try to keep them updated as much as possibile. Some of these messages are quite cryptic while others seem clearer. On the website we do have few explanations for some terms and names, thoese will be highlighted by a link.

We will try to provide as many as possible explanations, but given our limited available resources it will take some time (some donations would be welcomed).

Transmissions will be in chronological order. We are eager to know if this initiative seems useful or at least interesting so we would expect some comments.

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