Benjamin Fulford - Website Upgraded - 19.07.2017

Hi All,

Yesterday we completed a major upgrade of the website. As you may know, Ben’s former webmaster is currently in the hospital suffering from cancer. We would like to take this opportunity to thank her deeply for her contribution to Ben’s website over the years and wish the best for her and her family. Ben is dedicated to continuing to support her financially and otherwise in her fight to recuperate.

A new IT team has taken over management of this website. Yesterday we completed a major upgrade and server migration. Items of note:

Migrated to a completely new server, all backend software upgraded

WordPress upgraded from version 2.8.6 to version 4.8

Major speed improvements

New theme and design

Website now works and looks good on mobile devices – try it out!

Search functionality now works so you can search through old articles by keyword

Going back many years some comments were being incorrectly marked as spam – all such comments have been approved and restored

This was especially happening to comments containing many links, but other kinds of comments as well

It appears that some people had been prevented from commenting as all their comments were marked as spam – they are now free to comment again

New comment system with many new features

Subscribe to receive all comments by email

Please make sure that emails from benjaminfulford.net are not being marked as spam by your email client – more changes will be made later to prevent this from happening

The page will automatically check for new comments every 10 seconds and will display a button showing the number of new comments

Ability to sort and view either newest comments first or oldest comments first

Ability to vote on comments, up or down, and sort by most positive votes

Permanent links to comments (i.e. “bookmarks”) re-added as requested, sorry this feature disappeared for a short time yesterday

Shortcuts to easily add formatting to comments

b -> bold

i -> italics

link -> to link a word or phrase to a particular url

b-quote -> block quote, i.e. indented quotation

u -> underline

ul -> unordered list (each item in the list must also be made into a list item)

ol -> ordered list (each item in the list must also be made into a list item)

li -> list item

code -> display text as monospaced computer code

spoiler -> create an expandable dropdown with an optional title – people will only see the content if they click to expand the spoiler box

Readers without gravatars are given colorful automatically generated ones

Hover over a gravatar or click on a commenter’s name or the information icon to see information about that person such as the total number of comments, their activity log, etc

Links to share comments via social media (only Twitter and Google for now, Facebook to be added later)

New credit card based membership system coming soon – the website remains free for now

Please comment on this post with any feedback or issue reports concerning the new website. 

Thanks everyone!

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