Free Energy Economy Unfolding! Witness End Of Petroleum Age With Wheel, Gravity And Magnet

We are in exciting times, and are creating the future, in this case, very easily, simply and affordably, is it now possible for humanity to move into the free energy economy and beyond! Imagine and dream, for this is old and yet very new territory for humanity. Surely there are oodles and countless ways to create your own thriving livelihood with this concept.

When we think of everything we buy, that has added cost due to transportation and energy used, to get to the consumer, we can imagine how much more affordable everything is going to be.

Google leads the way in guiding people away from free energy… searching ‘free energy’ in their news leads to NO results… so this is a people-to-people movement. Share the news and the excitement.

Indian in the machine

Quelle: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2017/04/free-energy-economy-unfolding-witness-end-of-petroleum-age-with-wheel-gravity-and-magnet-3495896.html
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