Benjamin Fulford 4-25-17 Interview with Mike Harris

Felt like posting this radio show as it covered some points Benjamin brought up in his latest report. He covers several points, a few of which I have placed below, with the timings. The audio (placed below the video) has been somewhat upgraded from the original to level the voices.

0-15 min: Discusses North Korea and Japan.
44 min: Islam is fine, but Wahhabism is NOT Islam (perhaps Zap should listen to that part)
51 min: Benjamin says his friend went all around Fukushima with a Geiger counter and nowhere found any radiation higher than background levels. And I quote, “Please, don’t let them spread any more Fukushima fear porn.”
61 min: Practical suggestions from Ben, what each individual can do to help the process along.

[Kp Note that Mike sounds as if he has a cold or something, as there is some sniffling from time to time.]

Complete show (improved quality) (download)


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