Zwei schöne Lichtschiffe am Horizont über Memphis - 24. Dezember 2017

Zwei schöne Lichtschiffe am Horizont über Memphis - 24. Dezember 2017

Dieses UFO-Material wurde am 24. Dezember 2017 über Memphis, Tennessee aufgenommen.

Zeugenbericht: Ich sah zwei Objekte am Himmel, die wie Kugeln aus Licht aussahen, die im Himmel schwebten. Ich bin nach Weihnachten mit meinem Bruder nach Hause gefahren. Es war ein wunderschöner Tag und ein wunderschöner Sonnenuntergang. 

Ich nahm mein Handy und machte ein paar Fotos. Ich beschloss, näher zu kommen, um bessere Bilder zu bekommen. Ich war auf der I40 in Richtung Westen, als ich zum Aussichtspunkt Sycamore View kam, als ich diese beiden Objekte sah. 

Ich habe die Videofunktion am Telefon eingeschaltet und bin auf diese Lichtkugeln zugegangen. Ich habe einen sicheren Platz gefunden und habe mit der Aufnahme begonnen. Diese leuchtenden Kugeln würden sich immer noch in Bewegung setzen, wenn ein Flugzeug vorbeifährt und nachdem das Flugzeug an ihnen vorbei war, schienen sie sich nahe beieinander zu bewegen, was mir schien, als würden sie kommunizieren. Sie können auf dem Video sehen, dass sie sich hinter einer Wolke verbergen, während ein Flugzeug passiert. Die Wolken scheinen sich nicht zu bewegen. Ich war begeistert, diese Lichtkugeln zu sehen. 

Ich würde gerne darüber erzählen, auch weil ich weniger als 500 Yards von diesem UFO entfernt war, obwohl ich die Spitze dieses UFOs gesehen hatte. Ich verlor schließlich den Überblick, als ich versuchte, meine Kamera neu zu justieren.

Love and forgiveness - Ronald Bernard and Michel Vitaliti

Original upload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIQmA...

(re-uploaded with permission, thank you, Michel!) 

In 2014 Michel Vitaliti was interviewed and asked how he thought about bankers who have done a lot of damage in the world and to mankind and how he would react if a banker should confessed and would have regrets and wanted to do things differently for the better. 

A few years later in 2017 Ronald Bernard came up with his story, which fits perfectly with the interview from Michel in 2014. 

In 2018 Michel kept his word when he saw Ronald at the Truth Convention on January 14. Love and forgiveness is the key to that more beautiful society that we can build together.

528Hz - Lösung innerer Konflikte und Kämpfe | Anti-Angst | Gegen Sorgen und Stress

Solfeggio 528 Hz Miracle Tone 

Laut Dr. Leonard Horowitz ist 528 Hertz eine Frequenz, die für die "musikalische mathematische Matrix der Schöpfung" von zentraler Bedeutung ist. Mehr als jeder bisher entdeckte Klang ist die "Frequenz der Liebe" das Herzstück von allem. Es verbindet dein Herz, deine spirituelle Essenz, mit der spiralförmigen Realität von Himmel und Erde.

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Lisa Renee: Embodiment - January 2018

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Lisa Renee - January 2018

Dear Ascending Family,

This year begins the change in the law of structure in the planetary body referred to as Morphogenesis, which gives us opportunities to explore how these structural changes in energy to matter impact our manifestations. The physical body is extremely important during this stage, as what we are here to shift on the earth can only happen while we remain inside an ascending human body. We will look at the agenda behind Transhumanism to interfere with the true higher consciousness embodiment process during the Ascension Cycle. We will discuss the multiple sections of the bifurcated earth, changes in Guardian groups and the Rise of the Paliadorians, where some will begin to embody higher DNA imprints in order to return the earth to the rightful benevolent stewardship of loving Guardians.

As we move into the next five years, which are defined as the Morphogenesis stage of the Ascension Cycle, we are encountering drastic geomagnetic recalibration and structural changes within the planetary architecture that begin new stages of higher consciousness coming into physical Embodiment at multiple layers of awareness. As more of the internal circuity between the multidimensional layers of the mind are reconnected, the splits that existed between the mental body layers start to merge and unify, thus potentially shifting the perceptual experiences of each individual, as they begin to embody more unique dimensions of personal consciousness. What happens when the unconscious mind, pain body and astral mind streams start to merge into the conscious mind perceptions of the individual and into the collective consciousness?

Theoretically the result is basic Embodiment that begins the soul integration merge within the expression of the physical vehicle. However, in the next five-year cycle we are about to find out what it looks like at a mass scale. That content which has been existing in the lower collective unconsciousness streams, or consciousness that exists within the state of sleep-stasis, is awakening now and becoming more conscious, surfacing at global levels. The ante has been raised which means all of us have to up our game, as we are being pushed to the next level of our spiritual development, no matter what stage we are in, we must embody. We are adjusting to live in the discomfort of the void, entering the state of no-thing-ness as we are profoundly dropping density, so we can anchor into our new location in the timeline. As a result our biorhythms and life style may change drastically this year. Its Embodiment or bust!

When we integrate and embody more aspects of the multidimensional higher self we also access higher dimensions of consciousness, thus our experience and perception of the physical realm greatly changes. As we acclimate to the current planetary shifts it can feel incredibly disorientating and physically uncomfortable, and at times we may experience great energetic pressure inside the body that may feel overwhelming. The sensations of massive pressure exerted upon the physical body has been described as oscillation to vibration incompatibilities, another ascension symptom. This occurs during the Embodiment process as we endure electromagnetic recalibration between the particle layers of matter vibration and higher frequency oscillations throughout the collective consciousness blueprint levels.

At whatever level of consciousness and personal blueprint we have incarnated with on the earth, every human being is being pushed into the next level of their personal Embodiment process, to fulfill their higher spiritual identity potential. For each person, the Embodiment process is unique, and yet the majority of the collective consciousness on earth is undergoing stages of soul triad merging with relative integration phases to finally embody the soul layers. The pressure to embody will be experienced differently for many 3D people, who may experience it as intense internal anxiety or physical symptoms that can be easily labeled as medical issues, but they are unable to get to the root of the cause. This phase is most difficult for those people that are polarized in their inner masculine, and have shut down sensory feelings which disconnect them from their overall body awareness. The physical body is extremely important during this stage, as what we are here to shift on the earth can only happen while we remain inside an ascending human body.

Many people will be required to effectively slow down and relax, to simplify their lives and just breathe, and even to isolate themselves from others as the pressure to authentically embody the higher self continues. In the first stages towards Embodiment many people must slowdown and conserve in order to release energy blocks in the physical body that have been conditioned from accumulative harmful habits in 3D society, such as patterns of emotional pain or mental anxiety by continually pushing themselves into high stress situations. To successfully undergo embodiment, without making ourselves sick with stress and pressure, we must surrender into relaxation and learn to develop body awareness, to experience the sensations and feelings that happen in the movements of our body.

Embodiment is becoming consciously aware of our own biological patterns, their origins, and opening to the possibilities in how we can work to clear and heal them. What is our body’s wisdom communicating to us now? When we listen to our body’s needs and are willing to develop present moment body awareness, we are opening up our heart in order to register deeply felt sensations and impressions. Body awareness opens up the possibility of direct cellular knowing that relays intelligent information. We are also learning the importance of self-care and self-love as the necessary core components of cultivating higher spiritual and emotional development that finally allow us to experience authentic embodiment.

When we are in the process of Embodiment we are connecting to the most authentic part of ourselves in the moment by allowing the honest observation of sensations, emotions and feelings that are happening in our body without judgment or suppression. When we allow ourselves to embody, we are more available to be fully present with our life experiences, thus we feel more grounded, centered and connected in our life and with others. Our physical body holds the intelligence and feelings that gives us the map to unlock our authentic self by peeling away the layers of painful or negative patterns, if we are willing to observe ourselves and put forth the effort.

This year begins the change in the law of structure in the planetary body which impacts the quality of raw material, the quality of consciousness energy used, along with the quality of intent that is manifested through a human being in the physical realm. This theme explores Embodiment throughout creation, the bringing of pure raw materials, pure consciousness and spirit into matter that has remained protected from artificial intelligence corruption. This year gives us opportunities to explore how these structural changes in energy to matter impact our manifestations, and how our light work projects are being protected from negative attack through the dedicated practice of the Law of One principles.

Embodiment Controversy

Currently, there are substantial disagreements between the many different anti-soul philosophies, like the cognitive sciences that attempt to define the meaning of embodiment. What does it mean to say that the higher mind is embodied? Generally, the sciences describe the functional role the brain has for computational processing and the body’s purpose for connecting the external environment with the internal biology, which generate random yet meaningful symbolic representations for that person. The human body in this academic definition is reduced to a soulless, yet intelligent biological machine taking input from the physical universe with an automated computational brain. The deeper meaning of embodiment is not fully understood by the uninitiated and unconscious, it only begins to occur during soul integration, which leads into sensory experiences of multidimensional awareness.

Thus, when speaking of any level of Embodiment, the basis of comprehension must start with the reality of the existence of the Soul and Spiritual anatomy that is inside every living creature. A person will not deeply comprehend the nature of authentic Embodiment until they have experienced levels of soul-spirit integration within their physical self. Unfortunately, many people may have undergone earlier phases of embodiment without the comprehension that this is the explicit function of their spiritual layers, which then ripple out impacts that shift their perceptions, beliefs and life experiences. People change greatly when they have authentically embodied their spiritual layers, thus life altering changes in career, residence and relationships are usually the result of some level of the spiritual embodiment process.

Without comprehending the necessity of including the soul-spirit anatomy as inherently defining the deeper meaning of intelligent consciousness coming into physical Embodiment, in most circles the term is profoundly misinterpreted. Intelligent consciousness that makes up the anatomy of the soul-spirit bodies are fully responsible for animating the human body and brain with levels of intelligence that become increasingly and sequentially embodied through the mechanics of the biological spiritual ascension process.

AI Interferes with Embodiment

Additionally, Transhumanism generally seeks to explain the body and brain function as purely computational machinery that is responsible for our cognitive capacities and informational processing. Its proponents believe these are what make the merge of artificial intelligence technology with the human body a positive technological advancement towards humanity’s future evolutionary direction. Nothing is further from the truth.

The real agenda behind Transhumanism is to interfere with the true higher consciousness embodiment process during the Ascension Cycle, by sublimating higher consciousness embodiment to be replaced with the insertion of artificially intelligent machines and virtual realities.

Ideally, the Black Suns want to integrate mass technological fusion into the human bio-neurological matrix through an assortment of high tech propaganda, like mind uploading for achieving immortality, before people wake up to the damaging effects it has on higher consciousness embodiment and translocation. Mind uploading effectively locks down people’s consciousness body into controlled virtual reality systems in which they cannot leave, and this has occurred to some humans in the future timelines. Artificial intelligence devices and technological machines that are merged with the incarnated human body and brain repel the higher mind matrices of the spiritual consciousness, preventing higher consciousness from coming into actual physical Embodiment. Therefore, in the next few years the global push towards integrating transhumanism will be more aggressive in the blended realities on earth, through bio-technology and pharmaceuticals enmeshed with the AI agenda rolled into high tech consumer products marketed to niche groups in a variety of social media. This is to attempt to further thwart higher consciousness embodiment potentials and prevent translocation abilities in the human public. Translocation happens in sleep state, where it is possible for spontaneous translocation to occur during soul integration, without the person actually willing it to happen.

Enormous global online platforms with free access to mass social media are used to spread harmful conditioning steering evolution towards transhumanism and brainwashing agendas carried out by intelligence agencies. Please be hypervigilant and discerning about the direction of personal energy and attention that is given towards any of these social networking and mass media news platforms.

Astral Sleep State Law of One Curriculum

To help support the earth during these chaotic times, selected inhabitants that have given consent for receiving assistance to free themselves from NAA mind control, will begin a global re-education to humanitarian values, which is provided to learn and study the Law of One principles upon the Astral Plane and during sleep state. Through recent shifts that have impacted the core morphogenetic blueprints and vertical staff alignment in planet earth, we have direct access through the Neutron Window leading to assorted Guardian Defender-Sentinel Groups from the Interdimensional Free World Councils (IFWC). These Guardian Groups are from the God Worlds and oppose deception, mind control and slavery of all life forms, and thus protect spiritual freedom. Recently, the planet has received changes in appointing more Guardian Defenders and Krystic facilitators from the IFWC at every dimensional level of access. They are responsible for the recovery platform, which services the rehabilitation and education towards Service to Others, and teaches basic ascension mechanics.

These Krystic Guardians are masters of teaching and healing that agreed to come to Earth to help disseminate more of the Law of One records to humanity, so that humanity can reclaim their history and origins. The astral re-education program is to help prepare for the eventual disclosure of the accurate events of what has happened to the Earth, such as mass Satanic control, human trafficking and pedophilia integrated into the global criminal economic system that is run off planet by non-terrestrial interests. The astral mind re-education sleep state program is to help increase stabilization and coherence throughout the 3D physical rehabilitation process that guides soul groups into their personal higher embodiment potential. As soul groups are undergoing education during sleep state in the astral realms, over time this information will start to become more present in the conscious mind awareness. Yet they may not be fully aware that they are in a Krystal Star Guardian Hosted Law of One Ascension Curriculum during sleep time.

The Law of One comprises the necessary principles of behavior, practices and belief systems that humanity is required to learn in order to achieve spiritual freedom and sovereignty, by committing to re-educate themselves to expand consciousness into higher frequency realities that allow them to progress into the future GSF Timelines, during the Ascension Cycle. Global re-education curriculums in sleep state begin this year.

Basic Embodiment Starts with Body Awareness

Therefore, real Embodiment only happens when the higher consciousness bodies are able to come into the physical realm, which means to fully align, embody and seat within the physical body itself. Currently, the structural changes as a result of the bifurcation within the past, present and future planetary realms, impacts all human beings towards greater embodiment levels of their soul, monadic and higher spiritual layers.

Embodiment is about becoming more conscious and aware about our body and mind, and how they really function together in direct partnership with our consciousness access level. As we ascend, we are becoming more self-aware in a first-person experience that is recognizing more of what is actually happening within our body and mind, at the same time we are traveling within a group consciousness experience. Through dedicated self-observation we can pay attention to many different layers of consciousness patterns, reactions and stimulus that are occurring simultaneously and extend throughout the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. The earlier stages of authentic embodiment levels are dependent on developing self-awareness, as the more deeply we know ourselves, and we know our body and how its functions, the deeper we can go into the spiritual embodiment stages. If we do not observe our deepest motivations, self-talk and pay attention to our bodily reactions, we cannot truly know ourselves and this generates inner disconnection that blocks the integrative embodiment process.

Embodiment begins to happen within the consciousness layers as one becomes more self-aware of what the body is doing during a variety of different contexts that we encounter in life. These are the situations, experiences, relationships, our memories and history, the social and cultural lenses that we filter through our personality to make sense of the world. Through all of these layers of context that we are exposed, we have many memories and beliefs recorded in our physical body and nervous system from the experiences that come with those sensations and feelings, that are all interconnected.

Thus Embodiment goes hand in hand with dedicated self-awareness and by making the commitment to be in the observer consciousness, to watch and listen to our body and mind by paying attention to exactly what it is doing and feeling in the moment to moment. We learn that the mind’s contents and beliefs will reflect in our unconscious or automatic reactions to any external stimulus, and thus we observe these reactions, because we want to know ourselves more deeply in order to be free of unconscious blockages that thwart embodiment.

The first stage of authentic embodiment begins with moments of saturating concentrated focus upon the present moment awareness of the body’s sensations, whereby recognizing the body’s language, feelings and reactions are the sum reflection of the buried contents of the mind. Automatic reactions in our body can notify us of deeper context and belief that are carried within some area of the mind and this content takes shape within the form of the body’s posture, gestures or movements in some way. Most people are disconnected from the unified relationship that exists between their body and the layers of their mind, and so cultivating deeper awareness of the body’s sensations and movements, while noting complex deeper feelings that arise is important in developing self-awareness, as well as progressing into the stages of the higher embodiment process.

When we cultivate body awareness in this way, it allows us to make positive growth changes in ourselves, because from observation, we have become aware of what we needed to change to become healthier or more balanced. It is nearly impossible to make positive changes in our lives when we are not aware of the changes we need to make, because we are unconscious of the areas that need improvement. If a person has little body awareness, combined with little self-awareness of the consequences of their thoughts and actions, they generally remain unconscious to what they need to do in order to free themselves from pain or to better help themselves.

Consequently, developing self-awareness in the present moment by paying attention to the body is the key to making positive changes within ourselves that can ripple positive impacts, that greatly improve the quality of our lives. As we have more present moment body awareness we start to experience the physical body we inhabit, knowing that it is the vehicle for our mind, consciousness and spirit to express through in order to travel through time. Everything we experience has greater purpose for lessons and gaining knowledge about the inner spirit traveling in the material world.

As we start to experience this inner knowing as a reality in our day to day life, we become more embodied, connecting with higher aspects that find expression through us that expand our consciousness. We are continually growing by learning more about ourselves and embracing change in the process of being more deeply authentic.

Embodiment means to feel how it feels to be in your body and to be conscious of those feelings, paying attention to recurring patterns that may be disempowering and limiting. Only when we can see these patterns and how they influence us, we can change them.

Dedicate to explore improved body awareness through observation of sensations, feelings and experiences that are happening in your body moment to moment. Pay attention to impressions that you feel in bodily movements and reactions, where does your body hold stress and constrict? Where in your body do you feel more relaxed and open? What can you do to more deeply connect with your bodily awareness?

Slow down and find ways to move your body that feels positive and joyful, such as dancing, swimming, deep breathing, connecting with nature and allowing something harmless to feel pleasurable and be enjoyable.

Practice and explore what it means to be embodied by being authentic and true to your experience in any context that you may find yourself. Your experiences are valid and important in the authentic embodiment process. When we deny feelings and experiences we’ve had, we deny the truth, which blocks embodiment.

Make the commitment to become fully embodied by being as authentic and truthful as you can be in all circumstances. As you grow and change, your version of authentic expression will also continue to grow and change. Accept change as necessary for continual authentic embodiment.

Disregard labels of acceptable or nonacceptable themes that describe terms that are spiritual, conscious or awakened, in the positive or negative. Instead focus fully on really what you are feeling in the moment and finding the most authentic and compassionate expression for it.

Pay attention to your reactions in your body as they reveal places where you still may be hiding something from yourself and others because you are afraid. Be willing to face what it is that you may be hiding and attempt to describe it so you can learn to overcome the fear that feeds it.

When people in our life such as friends or family members are relating to us in past images or inauthentic ways, gently invite them to know the real you, share something that is your authentic self and then ask them to be real with you. In the embodiment process, we want to relate with others who also value authenticity and support this path along with us.

Participate in body awareness centered activities. Research therapies and educational material online that may be highly supportive now. Find areas that interest you, such as body work, fascial and tissue release, somatic therapy, methods that focus on embodying presently through grounding, breathing, posture, perceptual awareness, hydrotherapy, neutral mind and meditation.

When we allow ourselves to be totally honest with how we are feeling in our body, we can be present to the embodiment process and then we can start to observe those places that need our love and attention, so they can heal and recover. The body informs us when something is not healthy and that something in our body or life needs to change in order to rebalance and heal. Thus we need to learn to love and connect into our body while listening to the body’s messages, tuning into what the body needs to keep us balanced, healthy and embodied.

Guardian Groups Leaving

Along with structural shifts that have occurred in the planetary architecture, as well as rippling throughout the Solar System, since the end of last year there are major changes occurring in the Guardian Host Administration levels. The changing of the guard reflects a new Cosmic Management Structure that is designed to serve the changing needs of the varieties of human and non-human groups that require different stages of spiritual rehabilitation and transiting during this phase of embodiment. As a result, some Guardian Groups that had been established with certain mission protocols are now being retired from their position in the field, and being replaced with representative groups from the Interdimensional Free World Councils. Violations have been noted in the genetic modification programs and the use of humans for the express purpose of slavery and experimentation in our Solar System. Council tribunals were held at the end of last summer to bring witness to some of the extraterrestrial and human groups involved in trafficking humans and bartering resources on and off the planet. Some Starseeds on the earth were present to give testimony back to those tribunals as evidence for imposed slavery upon the human race, through genetic modification experiments without their knowledge or consent. As a consequence, our planet is undergoing gradual cleanup of these networks used for the Galactic slave trade, as above so below.

Rise of Paliadorians

We have ended a five-year cycle and begun another five-year cycle that is themed as the Rise of the Paliadorians, where those that begin to embody the Paliadorian Activations will activate higher DNA imprints in order to return the earth to the rightful benevolent stewardship of loving Guardians.

Many more representatives from the Krystal Star Interdimensional Free World Councils (IFWC) are becoming more present with this realm in this five year period. This begins to mark the Return of the Guardians to the lower creation realms, to fulfill the Paliadorian Covenant for our location in the Universal Time Matrix. As a result, they are gradually contacting those on earth who are direct representatives for them, as a result of Krystic spiritual missions on earth, and have been inducted into the Free World Councils over the last year to help support the transition of Ascension Earth after the bifurcation event. Those inducted into the IFWC are connected with Guardian Groups that have committed to live a lifestyle of Service to Others orientation, to reeducate oneself towards the Law of One, and have embodied enough threshold of higher light consciousness within their physical expression on earth.

Since 2012, the primary Aurora Guardian projects are the rehabilitation of the planetary grid network to be able to hold sections of living light energetic current that are not based in bi-wave coding reversals, and to recode the anti-life current and gradually confiscate the AI structures that operate the alien machinery and NETs. The reversal current is designed to feed alien machinery and frequency NETS in the lower dimensions, as well as generate the split between the proton and electron spin so that the proper gender merge cannot occur during Ascension. The NAA do whatever they can to reverse gender principles and amplify extremism in the polarities, in order to confuse us in the forces of chaos. The energetic merge into the tri-wave current is the unification of the gender principles in the consciousness units, represented by the trinity, the Mother, Father and Offspring principles throughout the blueprint of creation.

Paliadorian Activation

The Paliadorian activation began with the Ophiuchus transmissions throughout last December and will continue for those Starseeds that are on the earth for the reclamation of the Christos-Sophia mission, that includes the support for disclosure and the reeducation of humanity towards the Law of One.

In their infinite love for creation, the original Diamond Sun races, the Paliadorians, established the Covenant of Paliador millions of years ago to reclaim the fragmented souls as a result of Taran Explosion and to retrieve the subsequent lost souls and their fragments buried in the matter fields of the earth and in other planets.

The Covenant of Paliador encompasses a massive scope of locating lost souls, transiting consciousness, collecting and recovering fragments of souls that need bodies, routing attachments, pieces of bodies and consciousness units that need to be recovered in order to return them to the possibility of continuing evolution through the Cosmic Time Matrix. It is possible to recover consciousness units intermixed with the planetary miasma and alien machinery, to reclaim them from the mirrored reflection of their holographic symmetry that exists within their shattered pieces, as the reflection of the piece of consciousness will hold a record of the original diamond sun form.

The Paliadorians are the Sphere of Amenti consciousness that can provide the Krystal host matrix template for all disembodied or fragmented consciousness in the lower systems, to be able to inhabit a body that allows that consciousness to continue an evolutionary journey that is capable of ascension and biological consciousness expansion. Apparently in this lower realm, the main issue has been disembodied consciousness that has become parasitic in order to survive, and has not had any option for embodiment so that it could evolve into something higher. The Paliadorians can build new bodies for those who are disembodied, so that they can evolve and be transited out of the phantom underworlds. However, in order to receive an ascending body, the consciousness must be willing to renounce parasitism and accept rehabilitation into another location through the Guardian Host.

It is important to recognize that the forces involved in the Luciferian Rebellion, the Belial Group, have a great resistance towards the fulfillment of the Covenant of Paliador. The Luciferian Covenant was established directly to attempt to destroy its main objectives, the reclamation of Christos, as well as the reclamation of many fragmented souls that are used for energy harvesting in the lower realms. They may continually refuse the invitation from the Paliadorians and Krystal Star to accept ascending bodies, which potentially means their future extermination from this realm. As a result, Starseeds undergoing the Paliadorian activation may encounter resistance and potentially dark attack to thwart the comprehension of the greater mission and the embodiment potentials that it holds.

Thus, the Paliadorians are embodying now in order to address more of the lost soul fragments and heal the pain body suffering that has been a result of exploding planets and the severe fragmentation caused from artificial machinery and alien software running Metatronic feeds, that siphon energy from the earth for parasitic purposes. The reversal Metatronic field is designed to break down the astral body, break down the heart complex, it’s about shattering the heart and soul into many pieces so it cannot activate the permanent seed atom and diamond crystal lotus heart that flowers in the higher heart center within the thymus gland.

In order to be released of the Paliadorian Seal and Death Seal the requirement is the comprehension and embodiment of the basic principles of Natural Laws. The key is behaving in harmlessness and in kind ways to others. The development of virtues and a strong moral character is what helps us to work towards living the Law of One as a lifestyle, and is a necessity for evolving on the path to becoming GSF.

The Paliadorians hold the access into the Universal Stargates and the many internal structures of transit stations that exist inside every planet in our Solar System, which accesses into the many branches of the consciousness corridors that individuals or soul groups will move into for their continued evolution and learning in the next planetary schema or ascension earth.

RA Confederacy

The specific RA Guardian group that acts as the active principle in working to fulfill the Covenant of Paliador on the earth, is a section of the RA Confederacy that exists in the Seven Higher Heavens in the next Universe and contacts us through the Gold Ray or the 14th dimensional Stargate. The RA Confederacy has segments of root races that are referred to as the Azurites, Aton, Ammonites, Viriagian Masters and the 5D Guardian Pleiadian Groups called Aztaras. The Pleiaidian Groups such as Aztaras and Mayans are taking most of the load in helping to heal the earth soul groups loading out and moving into 5D evolutionary potentials, such as reintegrating the astral body, healing the heart complex, healing the shadow and pain body of deep trauma, and assisting with single soul occupancy embodiment. This lightbody and consciousness rehabilitation support may occur while incarnated in the physical and when actually going through bardo process while dropping the body.

The Azurite shield from the Sirian Guardian Yeshua project was used to protect the Law of One consciousness records on the earth for the Azurite representatives, as well as some Blue Flame Melchizedeks involved in the Egyptian timelines. This structure was absorbed into the Breneau Emerald Order shield recently, which has replaced the entire consciousness shield network for Guardian Host representatives, to contain the shield splits and the AI assimilation coding that was running in the Azurite and Indigo shield. This event allows for the 4th dimensional diamond seed heart of the Andromedan Matrix, the Aqualasha, to help reconfigure the earth’s astral body, the heart complex and override the timelines of the terrible destruction of the heart of planet earth by exploding the Giza Stargate.

The Guardian previously known as Akhenaton while incarnated, is from the Aton group and is intimately involved with the reclamation of Christos mission, the Paliadorian Activations on the earth. His mission is designed to protect those who are from the original Yeshua bloodlines, which he was involved in bringing to the planet, while working with the Azurite teams over 2,000 years ago. He is the original family patriarch as it is his bloodline that propagates in the Krystic bloodlines still today, although much misinformation is still propagated about him.

Jesus Christ (aka J12) is a Sirian Blue Human from the future that came to change the 3rd dimensional timelines and bring the Essenes, Christos Templars and Law of One Ascension knowledge and its consciousness technology back to planet earth. He is a direct descendent of Akhenaton’s genetics, as a result he is the father of all Christ lines on earth. This mission was in response to the DNA damage the planet and humanity had most recently suffered after the Luciferian Rebellion, and then the after the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion, which was the final destruction of the Mother’s Staff principle in the earth core.

His group mission under the direction of the High Lyran-Sirian council was to work with the future earth 5D Tara multi-dimensional Templar crew called the Azurites, originally organized by the RA Confederacy. The disbanded Azurite team is now hosted directly by the Holy Emerald Order. As a team they were working with repairing the planetary architecture, doing Soul Retrieval from the Lemurian Holocaust and Atlantian Cataclysm, preparing the Ley Lines, Planetary Grid Network and Planetary Gates to help align for the ending Ascension Cycle. The collaboration of Guardian teams continues in the next cycle of the Rise of the Paliadorians in order to fulfill the physicalization of the Covenant of Paliador through the reclamation of the Christos-Sophia and Amenti soul rescue mission.

Delineated Sections in Bifurcated Earth

The bifurcation event has revealed a series of scaffolding that appears similar to the Cosmic Tree of Life, as the branches are directing groups at every level of dimensional experience to their next highest expression in order to continue the building of their single occupied spirit body. Placed within the planetary architecture is a platform that acts as the grounding mechanism and location in time and space, to which the human energy field and lightbody connect into the earth realities. The spectrum of frequency and dimensional plane structure from which the body receives support is from a larger group system of collective energy.

Currently, the structural changes in the morphogenetic field have generated platforms for the lightbody grounding mechanism that are used by many different soul groups in the human tribes and this appears to be included in the delineated sections within the bifurcated layers of the earth realm. The section of the timeline field that remains visible for access for each person is dependent on their fundamental frequency, blueprint and consciousness embodiment levels. They see what their consciousness embodiment level allows them to access. The synchronization of groups into certain frequency areas of the earth timelines has been merged within each section of the earth’s collective consciousness fields. The bifurcation has occurred in the internal structures and the section of access is dependent on one’s lightbody development. What this means is that each soul group has been synchronized into a larger body of group consciousness, that acts as the primary holder of the collective consciousness energy that specific group primarily draws upon for its continued sustenance and spiritual growth. The planetary interface that feedbacks energy into the individual form is more complex now, in how it draws upon and circulates consciousness energy for each person. How mass collective energy is distributed and manifests from smaller systems that connect directly into larger systems of collective energy fields, has changed forever. This is to say where we have grounded and had access to energy fields on earth has fundamentally shifted, and our body and consciousness must adjust to these energetic changes and new grounding locations, that impact our entire internal energy circuitry system.

Here is a basic description of the delineated areas that are currently visible in the earth body and are being administered to by those working with the Guardian Host and Paliadorian rehabilitation and repair projects.

Higher Ascension Earth Timeline

In the highest section, the Ascension Earth Star template encompasses the entire planetary consciousness body of all earth inhabitants that exist at every level, and all delineations and sections in this field are visible and accessible to those who ground directly into this platform or use their orb body on Ascension Earth. Access into the Taran body and Gaian body are fully available to this group. Those groups from the Andromedan Matrix also can move into the diamond heart of the Aqualasha Galaxy from this platform. At this level there are no lower chakras or membranes, only spherical morphogenetic energy centers connected in the physical body. Continuing to expand consciousness and ground into the Ascension Earth body is made available to all earth inhabitants who continue to participate with spiritual ascension development and to increase their fundamental light frequency by practicing the Law of One. Higher Ascension Earth timeline is the overall stabilizer and buffer field that holds the ascension platform hosting for all the other sections of the planetary field.

Median Earth Timeline

The previous 3D earth reality in the lower density, which many of us incarnated into and still hold the morphogenetic memory imprint of, has moved into what is considered a lower section of the Median Earth timeline. Most of the inhabitants of earth are grounding into a section of this platform, which comprises the planets Incension movement into the in-between spaces that circulates a mixture of the previous 3D Ray system as it is transiting into the new Aurora Ray system, for upgrading the base shield chakra wave spectrums that process 4D-5D-6D consciousness streams. This currently creates a Blended Earth reality that is used during the acclimation period and transition over the next 1000 or so years to eventually move out of these blended reality timelines. Lower sections of Median Earth bring the problems of elemental corruption, while higher areas have elemental substance that has never been exposed to AI or the alien NET.

Essentially this shifts dimensionalization and matter manifestation as we have known it, as the quality of energy spectrum shifts, and this change in the law of structure has been defined as the Morphogenesis cycle. As a result of these frequency changes in the relative chakra wave solar spectrum, many non-terrestrials that had operated in the old dimensional system must leave, as many of these life forms do not have ascending body potentials. In other dimensions in time, where we would consider these as human groups that have departed the material realm, have also been moved into the Median Earth timeline. This means potential communication with those who have departed may increase or speaking with passed on loved ones will become easier in these realms. As a result, more people may encounter visitation or communication with those ancestors or loved ones that once lived on the earth in a physical body, but are now existing in another dimension of time in a less dense body.

Hibernation Zones

These are areas used by the NAA to sequester lost souls from Tara and other soul fragments in a section of the earth’s corrupted elemental and matter field, in order to continue to direct AI technology and alien machinery that is used to harvest the life force energy from these soul groups. Consciousness that has gotten trapped in the hibernation zones from repeated reincarnation or other issues of soul fragmentation, cannot evolve or move out from this location and thus will gradually be retrieved and transited by Guardian teams over a longer term. This is still a hostile and high risk area for remote viewing or holographic fieldwork.

Inner Earth Timeline

Inner Earth timelines allow an access into the Transharmonic fields, this is the ability to easily slide back and forth into the parallel realities. The aperture into the Inner Earth timelines has been opening up gradually on the earth surface since 2000, and many people have had direct contact from the inner earth residents that are a mixture of the more advanced human and reptilian civilizations. Recently, some of these civilizations have been chastised for giving deceptive information in the New Age channelings to earth humans on the surface. These groups were essentially afraid that surface inhabitants would invade the inner earth civilization and destroy their more advanced culture, so they spread a lot of disinformation. Inner earth residents consider earth surface inhabitants to be hybrids that are mixed with the refugee races and criminals minds, making surface inhabitants much more hostile and violent.

They do not have war or kill each other, so this apprehension towards surface earth inhabitants is understandable. Most do not completely understand the reality of the NAA Invasion and mind control on the surface. Even though the Inner Earth residents are much more advanced and have access to technology that surface inhabitants don’t have, they are also undergoing revelations of deeper truth and spiritual ascension to embody into their next higher potentials. Surface Earth soul groups may also return to the Inner Earth timelines during bardo, if that is the soul family they are most intimately connected to continue the next stage of their journey to skip forward in time. It is possible that in the future, bardo will not be necessary for a surface dweller to return back into the Inner Earth, as the Transharmonic field access makes time travel easier. These are future humans and they look very much like we do on the surface, with the exception of living much longer, and appearing younger, taller and more symmetrical.

AI Assimilation Earth Timeline

This is the timeline the NAA are aggressively fighting for, as they want to maintain control over their preferred bloodlines, to mainstream Satanism and continue to harvest the lost souls and fragments that they have been using as an energetic source to fuel a variety of virtual reality systems and time loops. These groups try to lure human soul groups into these phantom realities that are propped up as virtual realities that glamourize an assortment of trendy and elitist lifestyles, with high adrenaline or addictive sensual or erotic experiences, all with machines. This destroys loving human connections that are transmitted through human contact, by replacing basic human needs with a machined consciousness.

Essentially this is the realm of AI powered virtual reality systems based on technological alien machinery being accepted as the preferred method of developing “superior” consciousness lifestyles, through a series of transhumanist and bio-tech methods that exploit neuro-biological systems and organic consciousness, by replicating them into synthetics and machines. In these timelines, the inhabitants do not know the difference between organic consciousness and machined consciousness, and have not experienced the reality of the soul-spiritual anatomy, and may often refuse to believe that spiritual bodies even exist.

Time travel is used between multiple virtual reality systems that operate in a similar way to real time chat rooms, where a person can bounce from one reality to another, experiencing a past or future timeline, but each reality is still locked down into an AI powered virtual reality system. Generally, once the mind is uploaded into the AI Server the person’s consciousness is subjected to the replication of their consciousness into the variety of chat rooms, that they cannot discern as a consciousness trap. The illusion the AI provides is the sensation of freedom, from traveling in the span of multiple virtual realities, but in truth the AI controls the consciousness simulation experience throughout the time travel or external consciousness experience. The Secret Space Programs and Intelligence agencies along with the NAA have been an intricate part of generating these AI virtual realities since the end of World War II.

Complications with Corrupted Elementals in NET’s

As a direct result of the Luciferian Covenant, the Belial group exposed the planet to other invaders that spread death marks and beast coding into the NETS, which generated a host of genetic mutations in the lower section of the matter field of 1D-2D-3D. The Paliadorian Activation, Aquaelle Andromedan Amplifiers (i.e. Aqualeyon, Aquarose, Aquareion, etc.) and the Aqualasha Diamond Heart Rays are addressing these mutations in a combined bio-genetic healing program that may be administered in a variety of ways during sleep state or through direct contact for those on the ascending path, aspiring to embody the Law of One as a lifestyle.

As we move into the next cycle, these areas in the physical body that have been impacted by the lower NET mutations in the corrupted 3D elemental structure, will undergo sequential re-encryption process in order to release and remove the AI mutations, Paliadorian seal and alien beast marks recorded in the physical structure. This is a macrocosm project that impacts the earth realm, although there are those that have embodied and cleared this mutation from their consciousness body previously. This will manifest some kind of physical ascension symptoms for most people, and thus why increasing body awareness, taking good care of the body and participating towards greater embodiment levels are crucial at this time. The primary areas of clearing AI NET distortions are in the subatomic body layers 1D, impacting the Skeletal and Bone Matrix, the Skin, Tissue and Blood Matrix in 2D and the Epigenetic overlays that influence the Negative Ego software programs in all three layers, but manifest primarily through the 3D conscious mind and personality.

Paying attention to these areas in the physical body and working to help support higher spiritual embodiment will support the release and re-encryption of these mutations that are connected to the human collective consciousness programs running to corrupt elemental matter.

Beloved Holy Presence, with all of my heart, intent and consent I request to terminate any NETS, and their epigenetic and negative ego alien structures, which I have unknowingly co-created with that were harmful to my body, spirit or consciousness. I ask the Beloved Holy Presence of my True Mother and Father, to eliminate any fibonacci spiral coding or reversal life sequences that emerge from a point of attachment in any of my bodies, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Please terminate all parasitic actions, AI mutations and their NET attachments to my living structure and form. Please terminate all alien bonds and corrupted elements that have siphoned my life force, from past, present and future. I dedicate my entire consciousness and life force to the purpose of regrowing my Christos Sophia consciousness, to build and sustain the highest expression of my divinity in the structure of my diamond sun body on the earth, as God would have it be. Thank you!

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Wishing you many blessings of love, peace and spiritual fulfillment in the Morphogenesis Cycle and Paliadorian Activations, as we adjust to our new alignment in the higher harmonic to fulfill our greatest destiny path!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

Johann Nepomuk Maier im Gespräch mit Aline N. Brandstetter von Free Spirit®-TV

Johann Nepomuk Maier im Gespräch mit Aline N. Brandstetter von Free Spirit®-TV. Inhalt: Wie wir alle schon lange vermuten, gibt es tatsächlich weit mehr zwischen Himmel und Erde, als wir dies bisher zu träumen wagten. Der Dokumentationsfilm ist nicht nur sensationell, was die Machart und die darin bisher noch nie gezeigten Filmaufnahmen von Lichtwesen und Jenseits-Intelligenzen betrifft.

Die im Film zu Wort kommenden Forscher und Sensitiven werden dazu beitragen, dass wir unsere Sicht auf die Realität künftig komplett verändern müssen. Ein neues Zeitalter bricht an - ein Paradigmenwechsel unserer Weltsicht. Im Film brechen Wissenschaftler und Experten ihr Schweigen und bieten Ihnen einen Einblick in ihre sensationellen Forschungsergebnisse. Interviews mit den Forschern und Sensitiven in voller Länge auf der zweiten DVD.

Jenseits des Greifbaren Engel, Geister und Dämonen Wissenschaftliche Beweise für eine viel größere Wirklichkeit, für andere Intelligenzen in erweiterten uns umgebenden Dimensionssystemen, die unsere bisherigen Grenzen des Denkens sprengen werden. Es wird zu einem Paradigmenwechsel in der Wissenschaft führen und erschüttert unser materialistisch geprägtes Weltbild. Sensationelle Enthüllungen! Eine Indizienkette an Beweisen und Fakten. Belegt mit Interviews und Auszügen von Arbeiten mutiger Forscher und Experten. Einblicke in unbekannte Sphären. 

Bisher nie öffentlich gezeigtes Video- und Faktenmaterial! Top Secret und Unglaublich! 

secureteam10: SPOOKY Things Happening Right Above Us

Ashtar an Christine: „Alles wird gut…!“

Geliebte Christine,
geliebte Tochter des Lichts, Ashtar spricht!

Wir wissen, wie es Euch geht und welchen Herausforderungen Ihr alle Euch gegenwärtig „in Variationen“ gegenüberseht. Wir sehen, dass Euer Nervensystem durch die Hochfrequenzen der energetischen Datenleitungen, die Euch erreichen, im Moment zum Zerreißen gespannt ist.

Eure Zirbeldrüse macht förmlich „Überstunden“, um all die kodierten Informationen einzufangen und weiterzuleiten, die damit verbunden sind, und euer Gehirn hat auf höchste Leistungsstufe geschaltet – auch wenn es sich genau nach dem Gegenteil anfühlt…

Meine Geliebten, wir sehen das alles sehr deutlich und tun, was uns möglich ist, um Euch Eure Situation persönlich und kollektiv zu erleichtern.

Ihr seid wahrlich „hart im Nehmen“ – und doch sind manche meiner tapferen Bodentruppen im Moment der Verzweiflung nahe. Das ist wahrlich kein Wunder!

Manchmal weiß auch Christine fast nicht mehr, was sie glauben soll. Denn die Flut an schlechten und immer schlechteren Nachrichten, die da über Euch ausgeschüttet werden, passt so gar nicht zu dem, was Euer Herz kennt und weiß!

Ja, es ist wahr: Viele Eurer Mitmenschen geraten gerade in lebensbedrohliche Krisen, Krankheitssymptome laufen zu Höchstform auf und scheinen bei den bisher unbewussten Menschen untragbar zu werden.

Und doch sind dies die kostbaren Hinweise und Hilfestellungen, die GOTT und GÖTTIN ihren geliebten Kindern zukommen lassen, als Weckruf der LIEBE!

Ihr alle seid „im Endspurt“, meine Geliebten, jeder auf seine Weise! Ihr, die Ihr diese Zeilen lest und meinen Worten glaubt, berührt im Augenblick die letzten und tiefsten Traumata aller Eurer Leben, weil sie reif sind, geheilt zu werden.

Ihr wisst das und Ihr dürft darauf vertrauen, dass die Geistige Welt und Myriaden von Engeln bereitstehen, Euch „aufzufangen“, solltet Ihr kurzfristig die Geduld verlieren und nicht mehr weiterwissen.

Viele wundervoll ausgebildete Therapeuten stehen bereit, Euch diese letzten Schritte zur Freiheit von Angst und Schmerzen zu ebnen und den Heilungsprozess in die richtige Richtung zu lenken. Ihr habt so viel Hilfe, meine Geliebten! Nutzt sie!

Es gibt einen wunderbaren Satz aus Eurem heiligen Buch „Ein Kurs in Wundern“, der Euch wie ein Mantra den Weg des Vertrauens führen kann, wann immer Euch der Mut zu verlassen droht: „GOTT ist LIEBE weiterhin – und dies ist nicht SEIN Wille!“

Vertraut darauf, meine Geliebten, dass GOTT und GÖTTIN – oder in dem Fall Euer Großer Goldener Engel, Euer Hohes Selbst, – Euer Leben als Erfolgsgeschichte geplant hat. Alles wird gut!

ICH BIN Ashtar und ich überbringe Euch die Grüße von Zuhause. Es sei!

18. Januar 2018

PS: Das von Ashtar erwähnte Zitat finden Sie bei „Ein Kurs in Wundern“, Greuthof, im Übungsbuch L.99, S.177 ff.

PPS: Und für alle, die meine Texte freundlicher Weise und unverändert auf ihren Blog übernehmen wollen: Bitte immer mit Hinweis auf meine Webseite www.christine-stark.de

Quelle: http://www.christine-stark.de

Neioh über Reinkarnation

Neioh: Reinkarnation

Wir möchten euch mehr über Reinkarnation und die Wahl der Seele unterrichten.

Vor jeder Inkarnation gibt es ein Treffen der Seelen.

In dieser Heiligen Begegnung werden viele Entscheidungen getroffen.

Es scheint, dass es viel Verwirrung über diese Lebensentscheidungen gibt.

Es ist jedoch sehr wichtig zu verstehen, dass, wenn ihr diese Zeit-Raum-Realität betretet, ihr keine Behinderung, keinen Schmerz oder irgendeine Art von Leiden gewählt habt.

Warum ist das die Wahrheit für alle?

Sobald ihr in die Geschichte von eurem "Ich" eintretet, übernimmt das Ego.
Dies ist nicht die Seele.

Ihr vergesst euren Plan. Ihr "denkt" ihr seid diese Person mit einem Namen, der euch gegeben wird.

Ihr habt Mühe, all die vielen Prüfungen zu verstehen, denen ihr gegenübersteht.

Ihr seht, wie viele zur dunklen Seite wechseln. Andere halten sich an Religion als eine Art falsche Sicherheit.

In Wahrheit seid ihr immer in Sicherheit!

Aufwachen bedeutet zu erkennen, dass ihr eine kurze Geschichte lebt.

DU bist eine kraftvolle und heilige Seele, die eine kurze menschliche Erfahrung macht.

Dies ist eine der unbekannten Zahlen die ihr in einer Form lebt.

Du wirst dich erinnern, wer du bist, wenn du den Körper verlässt.

Der Erwachte weiss dies, bevor der Körper stirbt.

WIR möchten euch auch daran erinnern, dass ihr diesen Zeit-Raum mit anderen in dem gewählten Traum teilt.

Alle haben einen freien Willen, der uns von unserem Einen Ursprungs-Schöpfer geschenkt wird.

Es gibt also viel Leid und Herzschmerz als Zeuge dessen, was ihr stoppen oder verhindern wollt.

Aber ihr seid nicht in der Lage, die Geschichte für andere oder für euch selbst zu verändern, ausser im Moment.

Die vielen Dinge, die hier in eurem Leben vorkommen, wurden von euch nicht geplant.
Viele von ihnen waren.

Nichts ist verschwendet. Selbst der schlimmste Schmerz kann ein Katalysator zum Besseren sein.

Wir laden euch zu einer höheren Sicht der Menschheit ein.

Zu wissen, dass es möglich ist, den inneren Frieden in einem wahrgenommenen Planeten des Schmerzes zu finden.

Wählt Liebe statt Angst.

Um wahre Vergebung zu lernen.

Erkenne die Vergänglichkeit der Geschichte von "DIR".

Erinnere Dich, wer Du bist!


Was macht die Zeder und ihre Stoffe zu so etwas besonderem? TTD Quickinfo vom 17.01.2018

Die sibirische Zeder wächst in einem der unberührtesten Gebiete der Erde. Fast nirgendwo auf der Welt finden wir noch so von der Umweltverschmutzung verschonte Gebiete. Seit jeher nutzen die Naturheilkundigen (Schamanen) die Zeder und die aus ihr gewonnenen Produkte zur Therapie der verschiedensten Krankheiten.

Jana Iger gibt einen kurzen Einblick in die traditionelle jahrtausende alte Anwendung der Zedernprodukte. 

0800 522 77 33 

Links: http://www.timetodo.ch, ist die Free TV Schweiz AG Informations-Plattform zur gleichnamigen TV-Sendung.. Sendezeit ist ab 1. Oktober 2016 Dienstag, Mittwoch und Donnerstag von 20.00 bis 21.00 Uhr, Live im Kabelnetz (Cablecom / Swisscom), auf dem digitalen Schweizer Privatfernsehsender Schweiz 5 und von 19.00 bis 20.00 Uhr über Satellit Astra 19,2° Ost in ganz Europa.

Nasa: Meteorit über Detroit war so stark wie zwei Mega-Bomben

Die Feuerkugel am Himmel über Detroit explodierte mit einer Kraft von 100 Tonnen TNT. Die US-Luft- und Raumfahrtagentur Nasa hat dies am Mittwoch auf Facebook mitgeteilt.

Selbst die größten Bomben der Welt sind allerhöchstens halb so stark: Die Explosion eines Meteorits mit einer Kraft von 100 Tonnen TNT-Äquivalent am Himmel über Detroit löste eine Druckwelle, ein Gewitter und sogar ein Erdbeben der Stärke 2.0 aus, teilt die Nasa mit.

„Normalerweise fallen Feuerkugeln als Meteoriten auf die Erde nieder. Wenn die Druckwelle dann die Erde erreicht, erschüttert sie den Boden“, schreibt ein Nasa-Mitarbeiter bei Facebook.

Die Flugbahn des riesigen Himmelkörpers konnte dank Zeugenaussagen bestimmt werden: „Unsere Spezialisten haben berechnet, dass der Meteorit sich mit einer gar nicht so hohen Geschwindigkeit bewegte“, schreibt die Nasa. Der Himmelskörper sei mit „nur“ rund 45.000 Kilometer pro Stunde geflogen – also circa 12,5 Kilometer pro Sekunde.

„Dies und die Größe des Meteorits – 0,91 Meter im Durchmesser – zeigen, dass das Objekt tief in die Erdatmosphäre eingedrungen war, bevor es in Stücke zerfiel.“

Quelle: https://de.sputniknews.com/wissen/20180118319118827-detroit-meteor-staerke/

[Anmerkung von max: Siehe auch Artikel hier und Hinweis von Kabamur...]

Soros sagt EU-Zusammenbruch voraus, und warnt vor "wiederauflebendem nationalistischen Russland"

Soros sagt EU-Zusammenbruch voraus, und warnt vor "wiederauflebendem nationalistischen Russland"

rt.com 18 Jan, 2018 10:14

George Soros hat beklagt, dass die Europäische Union am Rande des Zusammenbruchs steht, während Russland zu einer "wiederauflebenden nationalistischen Macht" wird.

Der ungarisch-amerikanische Tycoon George Soros, der das 26-Milliarden-Dollar-Konsortium Soros Fund Management leitet und Vorsitzender des Global Board der Open Society Foundations (OSF) ist, äußerte sich im Gespräch mit der Financial Times.

Soros behauptete, der Nationalismus sei jetzt die "dominierende Ideologie der Welt", die auf die 28-köpfige Europäische Union abzielt. "Es ist die EU, die am Rande eines Zusammenbruchs steht", sagte er. "Und Russland ist jetzt die wiederauflebende Macht, die auf dem Nationalismus basiert."

In Russland wurden die Organisationen von Soros im Jahr 2015 verboten, da sie Sicherheitsbedrohungen für das Land darstellten.

In seinem Heimatland Ungarn soll Soros gegen die Regierung des Hardliner-Politikers Viktor Orban antreten. Premierminister Orban glaubt, dass Soros ein Netzwerk geschaffen hat, um sein Kabinett zu unterminieren und die EU-Politik in Brüssel zu beeinflussen.

Der ungarische Staatschef hat Soros wiederholt beschuldigt, die Flüchtlingskrise in Europa anzuheizen und die kulturelle Identität Europas zu untergraben. Im Oktober letzten Jahres sagte der Premierminister, mehr als 200 Mitglieder des Europäischen Parlaments seien vom "Empire" des Milliardärs als "Freunde des Netzwerks" aufgeführt.

Orban, der nächstes Jahr eine vierte Amtszeit als ungarischer Premierminister anstrebt, sagte, er habe die Geheimdienste des Landes angewiesen, das "Soros-Imperium" zu untersuchen und "der Öffentlichkeit offen zu legen".

Anfang des Jahres bezeichnete Soros Ungarn als "Mafia-Staat", was Orban dazu veranlasste, zurückzuschlagen: "Das einzige Netzwerk, das auf mafiöse Art und Weise operiert, und in Ungarn nicht transparent ist, ist das Soros-Netzwerk."

Fulford über virtuelle Währung Q & A - National Dringlichkeitsausschuss - 2018/01/17

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