Pleiades 1 Messages May 11 2018

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

*Hérga, The Witch is getting ready to receive specific data!

The Return of the Magi (Urena, Meloni and Aklero) get ready to receive specific data!

*Zero i in sudden shuffling of timelines. Serious collateral (2).

Devas are approaching for interaction with PVSE. First and Second Deva recognized. (2).

Zero i: Red Alert! Limit reached! Recalculation in progress… (2).

Attention Solaris & Solaris! New synchronized solar waves sent to the Earth Plane! Support and instant assimilation! 80% of 72 hours.

The old fragments continue to be reprogrammed. Views promote disconnections and connections.

Empowerments happen, while the recognition of greatness is undrestood.

Illuminating projections in *Ecuador 22X/Sector 1 in progress. 55% (non-regressive). Movement 1. The Light Celebrates!

*Amil22 in intensive avatar = 48% (non-regressive).

The Devas celebrate the arrival of their representative Master!

End of Transmission

Pleiades 1 (Preparing 8th Projector)

Item in Glossary:

Pleiades 1 Messages

On this page we will report the daily messages of Pleiades 1.

We’ll try to keep them updated as much as possibile. Some of these messages are quite cryptic while others seem clearer. On the website we do have few explanations for some terms and names, thoese will be highlighted by a link.

We will try to provide as many as possible explanations, but given our limited available resources it will take some time (some donations would be welcomed).

Transmissions will be in chronological order. We are eager to know if this initiative seems useful or at least interesting so we would expect some comments.

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