The Red & The Blue Dragons - Part I

This video was realized under guidance from various Light Collectives. Part II will follow in due time. I am not all-knowing about Dragons' activities, therefore I invite people with intels about positive Dragon groups - especially the Red Dragons - to bring their contribution to this educational work and contact me here :


This video initiative can be considered as an attempt at enhancing cooperation between positive groups among the Light Forces.

Please note that many other Dragon families - like the White Dragons - are also greatly contributing to the planetary liberation process, even though they will not be explicitly mentioned. Dragon emblems are here used for educational purposes and are not representative of real dragon emblems - no offense is intended.

Special thanks to the Red & the Blue for having leaked such sensitive data at this critical time in earth's history.

Musics ( I do not own anything ) :

- " Soul of China " by Kent Tang
- " The Forbidden City " by Antti Martikainen
- " Namo Amitabha " by Imee ooi

Sources, courtesy of Cobra :

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Many thanks also to Goddess Dou Mou for her light touch, as well as my spontaneous correctors for the dates ♥

Arbre Solaire / 太陽能樹
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