THIS IS A 3-PART interview conducted by Walter Nowosad with William Tompkins the top whistleblower to come forward in years, and Robert Wood, former aerospace engineer from TRW. Again, much of Tompkins info matches my top whistleblower, Captain Mark Richards disclosures.

I am working to get an interview with William Tompkins as many people know. I want to extend special thanks to everyone for the donations to make the trip to San Diego. However, I am still waiting for scheduling but in the meantime I suggest everyone watch this 3 part interview conducted by Walter Nowosad. I think everyone will agree this interview with me MUST happen!

It is clear that as Bob Wood states, this disclosure is being orchestrated and allowed to happen. However, William Tompkins is not completely under their control.

During this 3 part interview Tompkins brings forward information not previously heard by either his editor, Bob Wood or Walter Nowosad. What is clearly apparent is that Tompkins has a lot more to share.

New info not in his book:

Talks about an ET group of “children sized” beings Tompkins called “Borts”.
Talks about floating rectangular buildings on the moon.
Talks about Neil Armstrong’s statement about very large 7 ET ships floating on the rim of the crater on the Moon and being greeted by Reptilians who were piloting those craft and that they “gave the astronauts the finger” when they landed.
Talks about the Command and Control center off-site six blocks from TRW (most likely located at LA Airport!! (underground?) in use during the Apollo missions being plugged into everything NASA was getting.
The fact that the mission control in Texas was NOT getting a straight feed from the Moon but that it was routed first to Von Braun and Debus in Huntsville, Alabama.
The very first thing the astronauts (who were all 33 level masons according to Tompkins) did before what the worldwide public saw, was plant a FREEMASON FLAG AND FREEMASON SIGN on the Moon claiming ownership of the Moon.
That the astronauts were already aware of the buildings on the moon and the large ships prior to landing on the moon the first time because of what the prior scout craft had seen.
And in the 3rd part – Tompkins is talking about TRW (a special division) being in telepathic communication with “the blue people” who are a type of Nordic apparently. Note: I have been in contact with these beings. (these are NOT the blue avians!)

Walter’s Youtube Channel with all 3 parts of the interview:

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