The Final Stage of Energy Activatio: Transhumanism

Transdimensional Energy Activation

The final stage occurs where the energy generators will be activated to produce Teslian-scalar waves that can interact with the DNA and produce an accelerated activation of cycles which will either hyper-evolve through harmonization or balance, or involute through consciousness degradation and lack of self-awareness into a sub-human species.

Two Primary Possible Sub-Human Branches

The two possible sub-humans are a cybernetic host organism which is referenced the parasitic AI or a mutated genetic branch of the original humans, AKA sub-human entities of multiple orders

The Time Matrix

Everything is monitored. Down to the brainwaves, those who harbor the infection will not be permitted to pass, everyone will be pushed one way or another when the full energetic disturbances are unleashed after they can’t be held back any longer.

The Catalysts For Degradation

It’s through fear and lack of self-awareness. If one can withstand the possibilities without having their reality-stream mutated into the distorted artificial ‘alien’ format of information and consciousness then they won’t deform on the genetic and thus energetic level.

If fear, lust, lack of self-awareness (automation), ignorance or lower emotion take control, then the energetic system distorts and the consciousness and DNA goes with it and the person is permanently altered.

The End of Days

This is the “diverting” of species and timelines that has been held off from time being pushed back further and further.

The Harmonization of Self-Awareness, Compassion, Knowledge, and Free-Will

Only through self-awareness, knowledge of consciousness and neutralizing polarity (while cultivating charge) compassion and harmony-balance can one stave off the parasitic consciousness infection which literally replicates the individual on an energetic level and makes their reality become “its” on a dimensional scale.

Remaining True to Self, Original Awareness, Harmony, Balanced Desires and Knowledge

Be confident, aware, focused and determined and your secure zone will be reached.

The Holographic Matrix Cosmic Simulation

This is all a test, but the intensity is very real. Only those who came in this system will be leaving. Make your memory expand to data-stream of beyond the confines of this holographic system and you will merge yourself into your character beyond the time-matrix thus leaving the grasp of the parasite.
This is down to frequency and depth of focus and care.

Negative Energy is Fuel For Degradation and Depravity

No negativity either, that’s food/fuel for the parasite, it wastes energy like a fruitless struggle. False positivity is the same, artificial reality-stream, false sense of self, desires and replication. True neutrality, harmony over distortion, chaos, disharmony. Disharmony is the tool to expand one’s ‘nodes’ of consciousness outside their parameters in a distorted and not proportional fashion and if this throws the balance off then one cannot expand outside the confines of the parameter set for this time matrix and thus they are trapped until the whole thing collapses, however no one ever really dies.


One last thing to reiterate, is that it’s all about FREE-WILL. Nothing happens without free-will. A person’s energy must accept what is happening, there is no way to actually dimensionally bridge that without the person accepting the energies within by allowing the desires into the heart, the convergence point of the energy center around the chest of the body. I won’t post any more.

Love Literally Liberates, Truth Unveils and Free’s The Soul

If you are causally connected to someone who has reached the secure-zone or become immune to the parasite or the spiritual time-gradient shift-decay degradation and they love you, then your energy is etherically tied into our reality and they can ‘rope’ you into the real-dimensional secure zone.

Even while the whole world swirls and dissolves into a parasitical, sub-human, AI, hybrid mist. So keep on this and connecting with your support group who you trust and are capable of withstanding and doing this.

Expectation and Outlook

What you expect will be energetically “leaned” on. Build your reality, day by day, based on causal-references, or possibilities, where you are looking at wider and wider possibilities that overlap and eventually outshine the ‘expectations’ of decay.

You are powerful if you feel and know you are. That’s all. The power is literally there. The beings are of the mind and so this is all about mental energies and feeling/intentions.

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