Do you ever sometimes just look at the world and wonder what it is that blocks humans from achieving their highest potential?

The Cooperatist Think Tank, a collection of individuals who promote the values of cooperation instead of competition, have boiled it down to a simple formula. When humans are wounded, these traumas block emotional energy, and disconnect one from their true power. There is a powerful tradition in the Hawaiian Culture called Ho’oponopono that is used to turn this negative energy into positive energy. It is surprisingly simple to practice, and the results are profound.

So, in preparation of Earth Day, on April 21 at 12pm PDT wherever you may be you can take a moment to participate in the Global Ho’oponopono.

What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is translated from an ancestral Hawaiian chant. It is built on the notion that each individual has the ability to clear internal obstacles by applying intention to these four basic principles which are artfully presented in the 1-minute video below. “I’m sorry” is an important expression of humility. “Please Forgive Me” is a valuable intention for resolve. “Thank You” is an expression of gratitude. “I Love You” creates and restores connection.

What is Malama Pono?

A simplified explanation of Malama Pono is “to care for one’s self”. Hawaiians, and island culture teaches a deep value and awareness for the interconnectedness of all life. People have to work together, they have to be sustainable with finite resources, and they need to be able to get along. Even in times of disagreement, people can still show Aloha or loving kindness, and respect towards each other. Through honoring the emotional aspect of being human and caring for that within one’s self, there can be health and balance within the community.
This is perennial indigenous wisdom, that what is inside us and what we are surrounded by are connected. When we have unresolved issues within us we create unresolved circumstances. Yet the opportunity for growth and personal power comes when we embrace the wound with love and turn that negative energy into positive energy. Imagine this principle applied to water issues, greenhouse effect, ecological degradation, or even war? Clearly, to care for one’s self is synonymous with caring for our community, and our planet.

Organizations Working Together for a Better World

Cooperatist Movement, Collective Evolution along with Unify, the United Religions Initiative’s Cooperation Circles, and Culture Collective have teamed up with a educational non-profit on the Big Island of Hawaii called Pōhāhā I Ka Lani to bring you Global Ho’oponopono for Earth Day. Using the hashtag #malamapono the campaign encourages people everywhere to share their stories on social media regarding their experience with Ho’oponopono. Maybe you apply this intention to yourself, to a relative, your parents, your children, a community member, a severed friendship, a previous lover, or to the land, the rivers, the sky and ocean. Everywhere and anywhere that healing needs to be restored we will create much positive energy by sharing our stories.

A Global Event with Local Flavor

Unify has been hosting globally synchronized events, ceremonies, and audio/video livestreams since 2012. What makes an event global is that thousands of people in countries around the world all take a moment to focus on a shared intention at the same moment. With popular platforms like Collective Evolution, UPLIFT, Walking the Red Road, and others partnering in support of this offering for Earth Day the word is spreading quickly across social networks. You add the local flare by sharing your story as a video, a blog, or a photo and including #malamapono in your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter post.

Humans have a long history of brutalizing ourselves, each other, and the environment that sustains our lives. We also the ability to turn these wounds into empowerment, compassion, and positive change if we choose to direct our intention to do so. This is why Ho’oponopono, which comes from a small island chain in the Pacific, is such a relevant practice for the whole world.

Our planet is an island floating through an endless sea of stars. There is nowhere else for us to go if we can’t get along, if we can’t be conscious stewards of the environment. If we can’t heal from within then we have little reason to expect that anything around us will change. Please join us on April 21, at 12pm PDT for a Facebook Live from Hawaii Island, and a Global Ho’oponopono Blessing for Earth Day. More information is available at www.malamapono.life or at the Facebook Event Page where you can also invite your friends to participate in this special ceremony.

Author: Jacob Devaney

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