Russian Archeologists Find Ancient Advanced Ruins and Pre Adamites in Antartica

Here it is Guys, Long awaited evidence, that no one will show, Corey Goode and David Wilcock have been talking about this in All there disclosure Videos on Gaia.

Thing is this video is from the 1980,s long before everyone has been talking about ancient ruins of atlantis etc in antartica. The USA and Russian governments have known about this For a long time.

They have finally started to disclose this Advanced alien civilisation in Antartica. Insiders like Corey Goode And David Wilcock are saying this is Atlantis, but this is incorrect. Atlantis was not in Antartica, These Ruins are a lot older, Atlantis was in the Atlantic, They did have outposts all over the World.

And there is Evidence that Atlantis civilisation did have influence in this civilisation at a later time. But This civilisation is a lot older than atlantis and is a alien civilisation that landed and had a outpost in antartica.

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