August Energies Update: You ARE Your Higher Cosmic Self

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Gaia is the name of the Consciousness of planet Earth: she is an Alive Being. We are innately connected to Her and 5th Dimensional Earth, but many humans have forgotten this connection. This includes forgetting their connection to their Higher Selves. Fortunately, there are many of those who have (and are) Awakening/Awakened to their Higher Selves and the Higher Consciousness of the planet, Gaia. Supported by the Galactics for eons of time, we are both supporting the planet in her journey as she is assisting us in ours. When we connect our energy to the core of the planet, we begin to remember more of why we chose to incarnate in this Now.

Music backtrack: 432 Hz Music by Meditative Mind (I don't own the rights to this track, for entertainment purposes only).

0:00 Intro to the Astrological Influence of the Full Moon 1:02 Aquarian Energy: Shifting in Consciousness 5:25 Discussing the Cosmic Energies 10:57 Letting your Uniqueness Guide You 14:15 Grounding Energy: Be Here Now 15:10 Sue's Recent Messages + Guidance from the Arcturians

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  1. Suzanne Lie <3

    „Bis Sie das Unbewusste bewusst machen, wird es Ihr Leben lenken und Sie werden es Schicksal nennen.“ — Carl Gustav Jung

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