Antarctica Starship Opening, Alaskan Annunaki Being Attacked, UFO's Collect Water (25.01.2017)

Here's what's happening with all the water-spouts getting sucked up into the clouds. Here's one of 4 locations that Starships, TR-3's, etc. use to fly through Antarctica to the incredibly huge Ancient Mothership on the ocean floor beneath it. And, here's something that is about to happen in the Alaska/Yukon area of North America. Earth's Freedom War is being brought to the problematic Annunaki here on Earth near Alaska. This will continue until they are no more.

Antarctica Mothership Picture, Coming Full Cycle, Antids Attacking, and More (1-20-2017)

In previous videos I've mentioned that there was a huge ancient ship, over a million years old, under Antarctica as well as a smaller, yet still very large, spacecraft that was still mobile but just off the coast. Well, a Drachk officer decided it was time to help y'all see more of what's going on here. They're well aware of our media issues, lies and deceit. He made sure this would slip through, and it did.

So, anyway, here's the huge (but smaller of the two) craft just off the coast that I mentioned a good while ago.

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