Reptilians in the U.S.A. 'government'

President Bush's Cabinet Positions & Cabinet Officials

Once in a while we receive inquiries concerning aliens and, in particular, about the reptilians. Though this information pertains to reports about the former President George Bush administration, we are providing it to illustrate how the 'government' of the U.S.A. (crime syndicate corporation) was purported to be heavily infiltrated at the 'top' with the shape shifting reptilian race. If true, this then would mean that the people have no say-so over the affairs of their nation and their lives, as all is under the control of the enemy of mankind. If anyone can provide additional information to either deny or support the information below, please contact us at our email addresses at the top of the website.

Attorney General John Ashcroft -- High order Reptilian
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld -- High Order Reptilian
Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson -- High Order Reptilian
Interior Secretary Gale Norton -- Alien controlled
Secretary of State Colin Powell -- Reptilian of the Highest Order
Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill -- Reptilian

President Bush's Advisors

White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card
Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Mitch Daniels -- Alien controlled
National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice --Alien --other type

Senators of the 107th Congress
Akaka, Daniel (D - HI) Reptilian
Allen, George (R - VA) Reptilian
Bayh, Evan (D - IN) -- Alien/other type
Biden Jr, Joseph (D - DE) -- Reptilian
Bond, Christopher (R - MO) -- Reptilian
Boxer, Barbara (D - CA) -- Alien supported
Bunning, Jim (R - KY) -- Alien supported
Byrd, Robert (D - WV) -- Reptilian
Campbell, Ben Nighthorse (R - CO) Pleiadean (fallen to the other side)
Carper, Thomas (D - DE) -- Alien supported
Clinton, Hillary (D - NY) -- Alien/other type
Conrad, Kent (D - ND) --Alien/other type
Crapo, Mike (R - ID) --- Alien supported
Daschle, Thomas (D - SD) --Reptilian
Dodd, Christopher (D - CT) -- Alien supported
Domenici, Pete (R - NM) --Reptilian
Dorgan, Byron (D - ND) -- Reptilian
Durbin, Richard (D - IL) --Alien supported
Feingold, Russell (D - WI) -- Alien/other type
Graham, Bob (D - FL) -- Reptilian
Gramm, Phil (R - TX) -- Reptilian of high office
Harkin, Tom (D - IA) -- Alien of high office
Hollings, Ernest (D - SC) -- Alien /other type
Hutchison, Kay Bailey (R - TX) -- Alien supported
Inouye, Daniel (D - HI) --Reptilian
Kennedy, Edward (D - MA) --Very high reptilian
Leahy, Patrick (D - VT) -- Reptilian
Lieberman, Joseph (D - CT) --Very high alien/other type
McCain, John (R - AZ) -- Alien hybrid
Nickles, Don (R - OK) --- Alien/other type
Reid, Harry (D - NV) -- Alien supported
Rockefeller IV, John (D - WV) -- Reptilian of very high office / leadership
Santorum, Rick (R - PA) Alien/other type
Sarbanes, Paul (D - MD) Very high (nasty) alien type
Specter, Arlen (R - PA) Very high reptilian
Thurmond, Strom (R - SC) Alien/other type
Warner, John (R - VA) Reptilian/Warrior Leader

Reptilian's in the House (Not exactly The West Wing)
House of Representatives:

Aderholt, Robert; Alabama, 4th (Reptilian and group leader of other aliens)
Armey, Richard; Texas, 26th (Alien/other breed)
Baird, Brian; Washington, 3rd (Alien/other type)
Baldwin, Tammy; Wisconsin, 2nd (Reptilian)
Barrett, Thomas; Wisconsin, 5th (Alien/other type)
Becerra, Xavier; California, 30th (Reptilian)
Bilirakis, Michael; Florida, 9th (Reptilian of High Office)
Blunt, Roy; Missouri, 7th Reptilian of High Office)
Bonior, David; Michigan, 10th (Very high Reptilian--Leader of sub-group)
Boucher, Rick; Virginia, 9th (Reptilian--high office)
Brown, Henry; South Carolina, 1st (Reptilian -- very high order)
Callahan, Sonny; Alabama, 1st (Reptilian --other type)
Capito, Shelley; West Virginia, 2nd (Alien --other type)
Carson, Brad; Oklahoma, 2nd (Reptilian --very high officer)
Clayton, Eva; North Carolina,1st (Reptilian --very high order)
Condit, Gary; California, 18th (Levy died because she found out
his secret--he's Reptilian --not such a high order (obviously)
Crenshaw, Ander; Florida, 4th (Reptilian --very high order)
Culberson, John; Texas, 7th (Extremely high order reptilian)
Davis, Susan; California, 49th (Reptilian)
DeFazio, Peter; Oregon, 4th (Reptilian--very high order)
DeLay, Tom; Texas, 22nd (A leader of the Reptilians here on planet Earth)
Doggett, Lloyd; Texas, 10th (Reptilian --very high order)
English, Phil; Pennsylvania, 21st (Reptilian commander)
Flake, Jeff; Arizona, 1st (Reptilian, leader of lesser order)
Fossella, Vito; New York, 13th (Alien --other type)
Gilchrest, Wayne; Maryland, 1st (Reptilian --very high order)
Goss, Porter; Florida, 14th (Reptilian/alien hybrid)
Green, Mark; Wisconsin, 8th (Alien --other type)
Gutierrez, Luis; Illinois, 4th (Reptilian --very high order)
Hansen, James; Utah, 1st (Reptilian leader)
Hefley, Joel; Colorado, 5th (Reptilian leader)
Hobson, David; Ohio, 7th (Alien--other type)
Houghton, Amo; New York, 31st (Reptilian --very high order)
Hyde, Henry; Illinois, 6th (Reptilian of the Supreme Command (er)
Jackson-Lee, Sheila; Texas, 18th (Reptilian --other type)
Jones, Walter; North Carolina, 3rd (Reptilian --High Command)
Kennedy, Patrick; Rhode Island, 1st (Alien influenced)
Kind, Ron; Wisconsin, 3rd (Reptilian --supreme command)
Langevin, James; Rhode Island, 2nd (Reptilian --First Order)
Lewis, John; Georgia, 5th (Reptilian)
Luther, Bill; Minnesota, 6th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
Markey, Edward; Massachusetts, 7th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
McHugh, John; New York, 24th (Reptilian --extremely High Order)
McNulty, Michael; New York, 21st (Reptilian --Very High Order)
Miller, George; California, 7th (Reptilian --Extremely High Order)
Nethercutt, George; Washington, 5th (Reptilian --Supreme Command)
Owens, Major; New York, 11th (Reptilian --Extremely High Order)
Pence, Mike; Indiana, 2nd (Reptilianj --Very High Order)
Platts, Todd; Pennsylvania, 19th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
Rahall, Nick; West Virginia, 3rd (Reptilian)
Rangel, Charles; New York, 15th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
Rodriguez, Ciro; Texas, 28th (Reptilian)
Ryan, Paul; Wisconsin, 1st (Reptilian)
Serrano, Jose; New York, 16th (Reptilian --High Order)
Shimkus, John; Illinois, 20th (Alien --other type)
Slaughter, Louise; New York, 28th (Reptilian)
Stearns, Cliff; Florida, 6th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
Strickland, Ted; Ohio, 6th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
Thomas, William; California, 21st (Reptilian --High Order)
Walsh, James; New York, 25th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
Weller, Jerry; Illinois, 11th (Alien --other type)
Wilson, Heather; New Mexico, 1st (Reptilian)

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