Steve Pieczenik - Update on the State of USA Revolution

Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones 1-3-17… “Update on the State of USA Revolution”
Saturday, January 7, 2017 21:11


This is an edited version of the full video from Alex Jones, which aired 1-3-17. I found this extremely useful as a piece of information about what is occurring with this massive political transition in the US (and the planet) which we are now observing. I found this edited version much easier to glean information from than the full one (sometimes Alex puts on his “Type AAA” ego speak, even though his intent is to get as much exposure out there).

Much of this data I cannot personally validate, but I “sense” Dr. Steve is right on with many of the things he talks about. Recall that he has been mentioned several times as an alliance (military) white hat by David Wilcock.
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