Pleiades 1 Messages June 9 2018

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Yuthi (Izushs) in Zero i approach for special package.

Deeper zones are inspected.

Attention *Harbor Ranger! Special codes sent for inspection.

MiD maneuvers in zone Lat: 32 ° 52 ’30 N Lon: 13 ° 11′ 14 E (Tripoli Libya – See DNI Note below) being blocked! The Light Celebrates!

*Nanos in process of return to point of origin.

Zero i: signals sent. Answers being awaited.

Attention Alliance! Serious disorders in layers of Magnetic Island.

Attention *Cranu-Idini! Immediate call coming up! Master Projector support required: Synchronization Started… 52% (non-regressive) – Start support.

Attention *Shimmering, The Storytelling Fairy, and *Nilun, The Fragment Collector! Immediate call to support *Cevnas! ANCHORAGE AND SUPPORT ENERGY STARTED! 59% (non-regressive).

*Special Projector AM in anchorage >>> 12% (non-regressive).

End of Transmission

Pleiades 1 (Intensifying 8th Projector)

* Item in Glossary

DNI Hinweis: Der UN-Sicherheitsrat hat Sanktionen gegen 6 libysche Personen wegen Menschenhandels erlassen. Die Sanktionen wurden von Holland eingeführt (mehrere ONG-Handel im Mittelmeerraum waren niederländisch). Eine der sanktionierten Personen ist der Chef der Zawia Küstenwache, während die anderen nur Banditen waren. Es war wahrscheinlich der Chef der Küstenwache, der mit einer ONG zu tun hatte. Jetzt versucht Holland, den Schlamm seiner Jungs zu reinigen, während die Italiener den Deckel des Topfes aufheben.

Item in Glossary:

Pleiades 1 Messages

On this page we will report the daily messages of Pleiades 1.

We’ll try to keep them updated as much as possibile. Some of these messages are quite cryptic while others seem clearer. On the website we do have few explanations for some terms and names, thoese will be highlighted by a link.

We will try to provide as many as possible explanations, but given our limited available resources it will take some time (some donations would be welcomed).

Transmissions will be in chronological order. We are eager to know if this initiative seems useful or at least interesting so we would expect some comments.

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