COBRA interview on 29th July, 2016 - Prepare for Change

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Plea for funds for Malawi & July Interview

There is a desperate situation going on in Malawi, Africa as I speak. For more than a year I have been writing to 2 young Malawian men who are non-denominational traveling ministers. It takes them three years to make return visits to other villages. They have told me about a serious drought in their land currently. There are 8.5 million people in Malawi that are starving right now. I have a good connection with these two gentlemen. They have good intentions to help their people. I would like to request at this time, that our listening audience of Prepare for Change would please take one meal’s worth, what you would pay for one meal and please send it to prepareforchange.net. You can send it by PayPal to Prepare for Change or to the address below. I’m requesting one meal ($) per week that you could donate for these people. One of my contacts told me that he was feeding a pregnant woman that came to his house (daily for food). Now he has no food. This woman died on Sunday. That’s two lives: the life of the mother and the life of this unborn child. These people are also supporting 444 orphans in just this village where my two contacts live. They have a little farm at the orphanage; they have eaten all the food from the farm. What wasn’t eaten was destroyed by robbers that came in and cut down their sugar cane field. Then they went next door and killed a tomato farmer who was protecting his tomatoes from being stolen. So, we are talking desperation here folks. These people really need our help. I know the Event is coming, funding is coming but they need to eat right now or there is not going to be people left for this country. I can’t stand to see this. So, I’m imploring you to help to fund me so that I can send the money directly to them. There will be no fees taken out for any administrative ventures. The only thing that is going to be paid is the Western Union fee. They will get whatever Prepare for Change receives. Please send any donations if you don’t have PayPal to:

Prepare For Change is under the legal structure of the Nova Gaia Foundation, so please make the checks or more orders out to:

Nova Gaia Foundation
4530 Whittier Blvd
Los Angeles, CA USA 90022

Make checks or Money Orders payable to: Prepare for Change

I thank you for helping me to help these people. They’re in desperate need and they deserve to be helped. They are part of our human family. Thank you.

Victory of the Light!


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