432HZz || UNBLOCK ALL 7 CHAKRAS || Angelic Chakra Healing Music || Arcadian Dreams

Align your breath with the gentle rhythm of this peaceful melody. As you breath in, allow the divine energy to flow in you… This music flows from higher chakra frequencies to lower chakras, following your breath,…calming your body down with each cycle. As you breath in focus on your breath as it moves down your belly, and feel it going down till the root chakra energising each chakra on its way…

About the Music & Frequencies Used
Music is composed primarily using 432Hz frequency. The gentle humming + pads are derived from vocals sung originally @432Hz, with the background of rising and falling for pink and white noises and rainstick. Rhythmic Droplets of piano and hang drum adding that movement to the track, to enhance focus during the meditation session.

Vocals for Pads and Soundscape, Music & Production : Dilpreet Bhatia
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Everyone at Meditative Mind would like to Thank all you Beautiful Souls, who support us by listening to our meditations and healing music, giving us their feedback, sending us their love and blessings and buy our meditations, solfeggio music, chakra chants and healing music.
This all helps us to continue on our journey, on our mission. MISSION to bring more peace and mindfulness in people's lives through Music, Meditation and Chants. And you make this journey more beautiful for us, everyday, by joining in these sessions.
Thank You All from the bottom of our Hearts.
❮ Infinite Love and Gratitude ❯
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~ Credits~
Music : @DilpreetBhatiaMusic
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