Amanda Lorence: Der Tanz des Lichts



Far we travelled through the Light,
To Earth we came, we heard the Plight.
Into Polarity, of Black and White,
UNTIL…we dance with Rainbow Light.

Then the Soul of Rainbow Rays,
Merges with Rainbow’s Light displayed,
On Earth, in waters with the Sun,
Inner and outer rays, become One.

All Rays merged, led to White Light,
Within White Ray, no end in Sight,
With formlessness, we shall Create,
From White to Gold; the alchemical State.

Creating from Light, because we can,
We know one day we All shall Stand,
As beings of Love, Light and Vibration,
Bringing forth God’s Great Intention.

For all to play, and dance as The Love,
Of the One Below and the One Above,
Where peace and harmony are the ‘norm’,
Sun and Earth, shine A New Dawn.

A dawn for Humanity,
A dawn for Kingdoms,
Dawn’s Light cast,
Filled with new ‘Freedoms’.

Free of the chains,
That caged human kind,
We become Conscious Beings,
Outside of the mind.

There is no undoing, the Source of Connection,
Only experienced as temporary Refraction.
And when we remember, it can’t be Undone,
Our Light and Hearts are joined as One.
And as we tread, our steps as this,
We feel the ever present Bliss,
Of Source within, of Source outside,
With God our steps, innately tied.

Then shall we wander,
Far from ‘Home’?
When the Divine within All,
Is ‘Home’… and Known.

And as I share this simple Ode,
I share a simple wisdom Told:

It’s not to wait,
For Source to Reveal.
‘Tis God, that waits patiently,
For us each…to Yield.

Shared to Feel, the Love,
Amanda Lorence
Written 26 March 2022

(Zoom into image of the Light)

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