Ascension Summit Updates with Corey & Mike

Corey Goode & Mike Waskosky discuss some recent updates and details on The Ascension Summit event plans.

Join Corey Goode, Dr. Michael Salla, James Gilliland, Kaya Leigh, Stacy Goode, Peter Maxwell Slattery, John Vivanco, Dr. Starr MacKinnon, Caress Ayres, Jeffrey Ashur, Mason Feary, Mike Waskosky, and many more speakers from the community at The Ascension Summit 2021 in Colorado Springs, CO on August 12 to 15. 


The Ascension Summit is a 3-day Light Worker Family Reunion for spiritual healing and a recharging of higher perspectives & energies. And YOU can be a speaker at this event too !

For the first time we are opening up the main stage to speakers from the community. We want to hear YOUR stories, your experiences and your wisdom. 

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