David Wilcock: Pyramid UFOs Officially Confirmed -- What Are They? And Why Now?

DNI Ratcliffe announced that the "Big D" -- official Disclosure -- is going live as of June 1st, with a variety of confirmed new intel.

Even if this is a disappointment in the first round, it still represents an absolutely monumental change in everything we thought we knew about reality.

Shortly after this announcement, the media began producing saturation coverage of a film of pyramid-shaped UFOs, confirming their authenticity.

What in the world is going on here? Who is piloting these UFOs? Are they extraterrestrial in nature... or part of a secret project? There are so many unknowns. Are there things we are not seeing?

If these pyramid UFOs are a threat, then we may have a BigProblem(TM).

I know. I know.

David Wilcock will reveal never-before-seen information suggesting the true nature of the UFOs -- and why this information might be emerging now.

Given that this story is about to impact everyone’s life whether they are following it or not, David’s new analysis is a must-see!

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