Light Language Transmission: Return of Unicorns with the Fae Realm Magical New Earth

https://shekinarose.com/​ Goddess invoking the Unicorns with the Fae Kingdom song codes of the magical New Earth, Restoring the White Light magic of the Goddess Humanities divine birth right,

*Universal Frequency Harmonizer Pendant & Sedona Star Angel Language of Light https://shekinarose.com/store/

Hear more of the Miracle Frequencies Language of Light transmissions on spotify streaming and download 💓Here https://open.spotify.com/artist/1antk...

*💓Sedona AZ, two-day Sisters of the Rose~Sisters of Light event and workshop Various light languages will be performed to activate you through your DNA at a cellular level and align you with the new vibration. These activations, healings and initiations unlock and awaken the goddess within you, to reclaim your power and the divine magic that you already embody within your soul. https://keleenamalnar.com/upcoming-ev...

Soulogy Fest, our first 3-day conference event in Sedona, Arizona, May 28-30, 2021. Join Todd Medina and friends for an immersive experience with numerous presentations, live music, inspiring activities and conscious community. Enjoy the powerful red rock vortex energy and raise your vibration with activations and soulful interactions. http://soulogyfest.com/

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