Friday Love Stream with Christina Von Dreien (English & German)

Friday Love Stream with Christina Von Dreien (English & German)

Angel Ribo interviews Christina Von Dreien for XPNSion Network

Christina von Dreien is a twenty-year-old young woman who is blessed with multidimensional awareness and other paranormal abilities. She is handling them in an utterly natural way as they are nothing but side effects of her true being. She belongs to a new generation of young, evolutionary thinkers and she stands out for her highest ethics, obvious wisdom, and deep inner peace. Christina is a girl of our time that from her very depth is committed and ready to put her life at the service of a global shift that will lead to a good and constructive outcome.

Nicola Good will be kind enough to help us with the English-German-English translation.

Find more about Christina at:

https://www.instagram.com/christinavo... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrec... https://t.me/christinavondreien

Contact Christina Von Dreien at:

events@christinavondreien.ch kontakt@christinavondreien.ch

Thank you everyone for joining us this day and for spreading Christina’s wisdom Universally.

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