Kate Stone - Impro for Angel Gabriel - Opsilon Handpan

This is a quiet&meditative improvisation for a special little boy: Gabriel. His mom told me years ago that her son would love my music, I sent him a CD and received deeply touching pictures of radiant Gabriel in his wheelchair, his face one big broad smile, listening to it. Now his loving mom thanked me again for my music: She played it while Gabriel's ashes were spread into the water. Tears running, now again, and I had to play for him, remembering his all over smile. So this is for Angel Gabriel and his mother. Thank you both for sharing part of your lives with me.

Instrument: Opsilon Handpan, stainless steel low Pygmy F#2 That's the deepest note I've ever played on a handpan and clearly such a meditative instrument - the base is vibrating throughout the body. I could play forever as time dissolves... https://www.opsilon.de

Stand: HandpanCare X-Stand https://handpancare.com/

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